Die Reise nach Batumi - Mulo Francel & Quadro Nuevo

Die Reise nach Batumi

By Mulo Francel & Quadro Nuevo

  • Release Date: 2014-01-01
  • Genre: Music


This song is a travelling song written under the impression of several tours through South and East Europe, the Balkans and around the Black Sea. Dedicated to Jason, the hero of the Greek mythology, it has to be played in a hymnic manner. Jason went on a most adventurous journey to the very outermost coast of the Black Sea with this motley entourage – the Argonauts – in order to seize the Golden Fleece, a gigantic golden ram skin. Just about where the Georgian city of Batumi is today. If you would like to know more about it, you may want to read the chapter “Die Reise nach Batumi” (The Journey to Batumi) in our roadbook “Quadro Nuevo: Grand Voyage". To every person who is interested in these old myths, I recommend the books of the author and journalist Michael Köhlmeier, for example his amusing interpretations of the "Sagen des Klassischen Altertums" (Sagas of the classical antiquity). Just East of Batumi the Caucasus begins, with its colourful mixture of ancient peoples and cultures. I have always been fascinated with musicians who originate from this region. For example the composer Aram Katschaturian or the pianist David Gazarov, with whom I often play concerts. An Eastern groove suits this song well, quite comparable to a fast rumba. I suggest you play the intro (may be extended) and the theme (measures 6 to 39) first. Then you may improvise freely over the AABA-form of the theme. The last solo part is shortened because the B-part leads into a percussion solo. This percussion solo may be omited. After the last complete solo part you can repeat the theme and then play the al fine. For Improvisation: On a separate sheet I am offering some scales to the chords of the song in various transpositions, which is helpful as basic material for improvisations. Some chords (like the very first one) fit several different scales. Decide for yourself which one you prefer. Or maybe even make up your own. Even though these notes may sound right with the chords, one thing always holds true in creative music: There should be no dogmatic wrong or right. Sometimes what seems like a wrong note, could give the progression of the melody its special colour, tension and spice. Sometimes an improvisation with exclusive right notes is correct in music theory, but sounds terribly boring. Besides, every improviser is encouraged to happily help themselves to the chromatics. All of this is only a suggestion. Music becomes exciting and colourful when the basic material is interpreted in an imaginative and creative way!