The Tyranny of Merit - Michael J. Sandel

The Tyranny of Merit

By Michael J. Sandel

  • Release Date: 2020-09-15
  • Genre: Political Science
Score: 4.5
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A Times Literary Supplement’s Book of the Year 2020
A New Statesman's Best Book of 2020
A Bloomberg's Best Book of 2020
A Guardian Best Book About Ideas of 2020

The world-renowned philosopher and author of the bestselling Justice explores the central question of our time: What has become of the common good?

These are dangerous times for democracy. We live in an age of winners and losers, where the odds are stacked in favor of the already fortunate. Stalled social mobility and entrenched inequality give the lie to the American credo that "you can make it if you try". The consequence is a brew of anger and frustration that has fueled populist protest and extreme polarization, and led to deep distrust of both government and our fellow citizens--leaving us morally unprepared to face the profound challenges of our time.

World-renowned philosopher Michael J. Sandel argues that to overcome the crises that are upending our world, we must rethink the attitudes toward success and failure that have accompanied globalization and rising inequality. Sandel shows the hubris a meritocracy generates among the winners and the harsh judgement it imposes on those left behind, and traces the dire consequences across a wide swath of American life. He offers an alternative way of thinking about success--more attentive to the role of luck in human affairs, more conducive to an ethic of humility and solidarity, and more affirming of the dignity of work. The Tyranny of Merit points us toward a hopeful vision of a new politics of the common good.


  • The Tyranny of Merit

    By MickerBarn
    Meritocracy is imbedded in our society and this book makes a thinking-person’s strong case for questioning this almost blind acceptance of it. If the universal truth of the Golden Rule is a given, then we must seek to accommodate it in all of our practices. Sandel helps us realize that it is entirely within our capability to do so. It is as simple as that. I hope this becomes easier to communicate over time, the sooner the better. This whole dilemma exists within my own family circle. It is not far fetched.