The Return of Absent Souls - C.J. Archer

The Return of Absent Souls

By C.J. Archer

  • Release Date: 2020-07-07
  • Genre: Epic
Score: 4.5
From 241 Ratings


In this stunning conclusion to the After The Rift series, Josie and her friends return home to find Glancia on the brink of war and their enemies in power. With political machinations and court intrigue bringing danger at every turn, they must tread carefully. But being careful won’t bring resolutions and answers. It won’t bring back lost memories or stop the nation hurtling into war.

The only thing that can make everything right is the ultimate sacrifice. But will Josie make it?

At the heart of it all is the magic that stole the memories of so many. The magic that some people will do anything to get their hands on. In a palace full of lies and betrayal, Josie and her friends must be careful who they trust – or suffer the consequences. 

THE RETURN OF ABSENT SOULS is the final book in the After The Rift series. The books in order are:
#1 The Palace of Lost Memories
#2 The Echo of Broken Dreams
#3 The Whisper of Silenced Voices
#4 The Temple of Forgotten Secrets
#5 The Prison of Buried Hopes
#6 The Return of Absent Souls


  • Perfect end to a phenomenal series!

    By jlauren36
    I thoroughly enjoyed this series, and this final book was no exception. Any series that invokes every emotion, provides characters with such depth, and is hard to put down in the same way that the After the Rift Series has been will always be a winner! I can’t wait to share these books with others. With each twist and turn, everything began to make sense and tie together in a very satisfying way. I’m very glad that I stumbled upon this series. I will be reading it over and over. I also hope for Archer to write spin-offs with other character’s storylines, they would be a must-read!
  • My favorite book series

    By ur mom❤️
    this is such an amazing series that i read the whole thing in a week, and I think this book does a great job wrapping it up. the whole time i was reading i just wanted to read more, and i was actually sad when i finished.
  • The Return of Absent Souls - What A Way to End the Series!

    By enj0yl!f3
    Get this series! In my opinion, it’s worth every penny!!! 👍🏻 This series ends with interesting twists, scenes evoking emotions that make you feel you’re right there with the characters and a wonderfully written HEA! While I was somewhat disappointed with some sub plots being written such that you assume you know what happens, I wished they where expanded upon. In my opinion, this didn’t distract in any way from the book and actually could become the start of a new series. This series brought to mind that some entitled people will never be happy with all they currently have, and will continue to strive to ‘have it all’. While some disadvantaged people try to be happy with what they have and be thankful. And then there are some people in the middle who want to help both peoples, seeing both sides of the coin and wanting to make decisions that are best for all involved. I think this series brings this to light very well.