The Parasitic Mind - Gad Saad

The Parasitic Mind

By Gad Saad

  • Release Date: 2020-10-06
  • Genre: Political Science
Score: 4.5
From 107 Ratings


"Read this book, strengthen your resolve, and help us all return to reason."  JORDAN PETERSON

The West’s commitment to freedom, reason, and true liberalism have become endangered by a series of viral forces in our society today. Renowned host of the popular YouTube show “The SAAD Truth”, Dr. Gad Saad exposes how an epidemic of idea pathogens are spreading like a virus and killing common sense in the West. Serving as a powerful follow-up to Jordan Peterson’s book 12 Rules for Life Dr. Saad unpacks what is really happening in progressive safe zones, why we need to be paying more attention to these trends, and what we must do to stop the spread of dangerous thinking. A professor at Concordia University who has witnessed this troubling epidemic first-hand, Dr. Saad dissects a multitude of these concerning forces (corrupt thought patterns, belief systems, attitudes, etc.) that have given rise to a stifling political correctness in our society and how these have created serious consequences that must be remedied–before it’s too late.


  • Eye opening

    By Youwinlaw
    Read it!
  • Inspiring

    By university sttudent
    Better to take a position that you think is true and risk being polarizing than to play it safe and allow the truth to be murdered.
  • Honey Badgerlicioius

    By PapaPete55
    I like what Gad is saying as much as I dislike the trans-English lexicon that academia is creating. Here’s to speaking one’s mind. His advice to go honey badger against purveyors of new-speak on Facebook is a little too much. Having tried that approach, it settles little. Speaking up - respectfully - and standing your ground, that I like. I am not a cisgendered male. I’m a man. A person. A human; who’s actions should be judged by my own merit and not some class I’m assigned to.
  • Further confirms infectious ideology permeating higher education

    By Tnfgeers
    Saad is able to provide relevant examples based on his personal experiences that confirm just how badly far left liberal ideology is engrained in higher education. In the race to be the most woke, common sense is being cast aside. Great read.
  • Truly Mind Enhancing

    By jordancraft
    Thoroughly learned so much from Saad’s incredible knowledgeable words. I am a proud free thinker and will continue to fight for the preservation of our first amendment, open discussion, integrity, and reason. Thank you for a great read!
  • An excellent read

    By ChelseaBlue4Ever
    A well thought out and logically constructed quick read.
  • Solid reasoning....

    By emmeline888
    Thank goodness for a reasonable and factual read. Saad has a genuine talent at expressing how important truth and fact are over feelings... and especially in these times.