Microsoft Office Specialist Excel Associate 365/2019 Exam Preparation - Daniel John Stine

Microsoft Office Specialist Excel Associate 365/2019 Exam Preparation

By Daniel John Stine

  • Release Date: 2020-03-12
  • Genre: Computers


• Explains everything current Excel users need to know about the exam process 
• Covers the five main categories of the exam 
• Includes embedded videos and flashcards 
• Reviews the Excel user interface and terminology 

Internationally recognized, certification in Microsoft Excel can open up a world of benefits to you, and Microsoft Office Specialist Excel Associate 365/2019 Exam Preparation includes everything you need to prepare for the exam. Designed for those already familiar with Excel, this book provides detailed information about how and where to take the exam and exactly what to expect. Each chapter is built on one of the five exam topics. Ample study material is provided, including embedded video tutorials for every outcome in the book. The author will guide you like a personal Excel coach, helping you to boost your knowledge, pinpoint skills you need to work on, and gain the confidence to be able to pass the exam.

Why certification is important

Microsoft Excel Certification is an easily verifiable way to showcase your willingness to learn new skills and software, and it provides a myriad of other benefits as well. Not only can certification enhance your Excel skills, it can help you get hired, boost academic performance, prepare for the demands of a job, open doors to career opportunities, and be more productive and confident working on projects at school, home, or work. Microsoft Office Specialist Excel Associate certification is the first step to prove your skill level and open doors to career opportunities.

Outline of the book

This book leads you through the exam process from beginning to end. The first chapter includes the exact steps to take to register for the exam and find an exam center, tips on using your time wisely during the exam, and an overview of Excel’s user interface and important terminology. The next five chapters thoroughly cover the main topics in the Microsoft Office Specialist Excel Associate exam: Manage Worksheets and Workbooks, Manage Data Cells and Ranges, Manage Tables and Table Data, Perform Operations by using Formulas and Functions, and Manage Charts. Short embedded video tutorials are included for every single outcome in the book, 70 in all, for when you need extra help or learn best by observation.

Study materials for all learning styles

• 70 short narrated video tutorials for every outcome in the book 
• 70 Flashcards 
• Exam Day Study Guide 

About the author

Daniel John Stine AIA, CSI, CDT, is a registered architect with over twenty years of experience in the field of architecture. Throughout these years of professional practice, Stine has leveraged many of the Microsoft Office products to organize and manage complex projects. In addition to Microsoft Office certification study guides, Stine has written multiple books on architectural design software, all written using Microsoft Word and published by SDC Publications.

Table of Contents

1.   Manage Worksheets and Workbooks 
2.   Manage Data Cells and Ranges 
3.   Manage Tables and Table Data 
4.   Perform Operations by using Formulas and Functions 
5.   Manage charts 
      Study Resources