Montana Cowboy Christmas - Jane Porter

Montana Cowboy Christmas

By Jane Porter

  • Release Date: 2020-11-10
  • Genre: Holiday
Score: 4.5
From 117 Ratings


It's almost Christmas and nationally-ranked barrel racer Ivy Wyckoff has returned home to Montana desperate for a miracle. A cowgirl to her bones, she’s always solved her own problems, but when her ex—rodeo champ, Sam Wyatt—shows up offering more than a shoulder to cry on, Ivy’s tempted to grab the safety line he throws.

Sam Wyatt just wrapped his most successful year on the PRCA circuit. After long days and even longer nights, all he wants is a quiet holiday on his family's Paradise Valley ranch...until he sees Ivy again. He can tell she’s in trouble. They may have called it quits two years ago, but she's the one woman he regretted walking away from.

Sam will do anything to keep Ivy safe, including putting a ring on her finger and sharing his name with her this Christmas.


  • Oppo.

    By ANGEL1120999
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  • Something missing

    By angie1229
    It’s a good story with a great ending, but without revealing spoilers, I have to say it felt a little incomplete. One of the female character’s main conflicts was on dealt with superficially - which made the whole story feel less real. In the real world you have to deal with all the issues, not just the ones you can sum up in however many words or less. Other than that it was really good, and I plan on reading more of the series.
  • Shed a few more tears

    By drrawwink
    So grateful to discover MORE books in Pleasant Valley! Shed a few more tears, both in gratitude AND emotions along with Ivy. Lots of great life and relationship lessons in this one! 🤓♥️♥️♥️
  • Perfect Christmas read

    By Impurest420
    I absolutely loved this book. The Wyatt family is full of strong, caring men that will make you swoon. I particularly like Sam as he’s the more reserved of the bunch. I also adored Ivy and the love they had between the two of them that didn’t diminish in their time apart. Perfect happy, hopeful Christmas read
  • Second Chance Holiday Romance

    By Doodlebugscmi
    I really enjoyed the character presence in this book. Every character on the page had a great personality and I wanted to know more about them. Sam and Ivy's story was very enjoyable. Despite the angst and tenseness surrounding them, it was so apparent they belonged together. I felt their connection strongly. Having once been a couple, Sam and Ivy broke up leaving each other heartbroken. Their situation is one where a better element of communication between them would have likely kept them together. Sam has returned home from a very lucrative season on the PBR circuit. He is spending the holidays with his family, then Sam will venture off to build a life for himself on his own ranch. It isn't that he doesn't adore his family, because that couldn't be further from the truth. The Wyatt family is loving, loyal and protective of each other. Sam just wants something of his own. Ivy has come to town to get herself together. Putting her trust in the wrong person cost her dearly; emotionally and financially. Ivy is definitely down on her luck. Being the strong independent woman she is makes her fierce and determined to get back on her feet. If that means taking a job as a bartender in a seedy local Montana bar, then so be it. When Sam learns Ivy is in town, he has mixed feelings. But finding out that she is working in a seedy bar causes him to reevaluate his feelings. What happened to her? Why isn't she barrel racing? What happened to her money? Sam is concerned and as a result, he puts his feelings aside to try and help her.; if she'll let him. I won't go into details as you should definitely read this book on your own. There are a few twists and turns and even a pleasant surprise. I love this series thus far and can't wait for the other two Wyatt brothers to get their books. I definitely recommend this sweet, slightly angsty holiday romance to anyone looking for a great story. This is my honest and unbiased review and I thank you for taking the time to read it. :)
  • Loved it!

    By kristylof
    I loved Sam and Ivy’s story! Sam is a protective cowboy who has never gotten over Ivy. Ivy is had strong and determined to do things on her own. This story brought me to tears but also so much happiness. There wasn’t a single moment of the story I didn’t like. You won’t be disappointed by this book!
  • Finding love again

    By Booklineandsinker
    I am very much a cover person and I must say this cover is just sums up this book very much. I being able to catch up with the Wyatt Brothers and seeing how Joe and Sophie are doing so fun. I love small town books and this is very much that. I really liked how Ivy was a stubborn, independent, women but also showed a very vulnerable side of herself. In many relationships you loose yourself and for Ivy that was reality. Sam oh man he was a pistol it was fun to see him kind of love from a distance but all kind of make Ivy mad. This book was such a fun read and I liked how the author kept it a clean read. SO worth the read. I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
  • A story of family, hope, & love

    “SouI mates with a little trouble communicating” Montana Cowboy Christmas is a story of family, hope, and love. It’s a second chance romance with past issues to overcome if they could only communicate. Ivy and Sam are two independent and stubborn people. I liked how both characters had growth and learned what each other needed in the relationship. Ivy is a strong cowgirl who has lost herself a bit but is making her way back. Sam is the ultimate cowboy and is figuring out how best to help her. Nice Christmas read with wonderful descriptive writing. Jane Porter knows how to write a cowboy romance and I enjoyed this read. Somehow I missed book 1 and will go back and grab it.