Healthy Boating and Sailing - Michael Cohen

Healthy Boating and Sailing

By Michael Cohen

  • Release Date: 2020-03-08
  • Genre: Water Sports


Let’s face it, we all want to be healthy. But on the water, while boating or sailing, our health is constantly being challenged. And if our health is compromised, it will directly affect our performance on the water.

This book will help you optimize your health and improve your performance, whether you are boating or sailing in the bay or out in the ocean or if you are competing in your club or going out for a solo adventure.

After reading this book, you will understand your body and how you can improve your health and performance on the water. We are all unique and must learn the secrets of our own bodies to learn how we can adapt to the stresses of the nautical environment. Once we recognize these stresses and how they affect us, we will be able to stay healthy and perform at peak efficiency on the water.

Healthy Boating and Sailing covers all aspects of life on the water, including:

Seasickness | Sound and Navigation | Cold Weather Sailing | Heat and Dehydration | Sailor’s Skin | Hazardous Marine Life | Infectious Diseases | Vision on the Water | Nutrition | Exercise | Accidents and Injuries | Sleep | Psychology (Solo and Group Behavior) | Sports psychology  

Dr. Michael Martin Cohen has been boating since 1974 when he moved to Boston to study neurology. You might say he has had boating on the brain ever since. He has been a practicing neurologist for the past forty-five years and for almost twenty years was the chief of neurology at the Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center. During that time he was assistant professor of neurology at The Medical College of Pennsylvania. He currently holds a position at Temple University School of Medicine.