Spanish for Silly Kids : The Mini E-Book - Uploaded Pen

Spanish for Silly Kids : The Mini E-Book

By Uploaded Pen

  • Release Date: 2020-04-11
  • Genre: Spanish


How to play with languages and learn new words in a wackily entertaining way? Check out our “Spanish for Silly Kids" series.

This free edition offers you a sample of our interactive e-books. Browse through the flashcards, read each sentence, listen again and again to the audio recording, repeat with the correct pronunciation, check the translated version as needed, and then try to answer the questions. Now, try to pair the words you just learned with their translation for each flashcard. Done? Then it’s time to dive into the Word Puzzles, which will automatically display a new grid of letters to continue to play and learn, or learn and play. Note that Agent Apostrophe, the little worm from our logo, managed to wriggle into every single drawing. See if you can find him!