It All Falls Down - Denise Grover Swank

It All Falls Down

By Denise Grover Swank

  • Release Date: 2021-01-12
  • Genre: Women Sleuths
Score: 4.5
From 762 Ratings


The final book of the <i>New York Times</i>, <i>Wall Street Journal</i>, and <i>USA Today</i> bestselling Rose Gardner Investigations series. <br>
When a body shows up south of Henryetta, Rose knows trouble is on the horizon. Rufus Wilson worked for the county crime lord, Skeeter Malcolm, and she soon discovers Wilson had a special skill set—he could crack safes. <br>
Now everyone is looking for Wilson’s girlfriend, including Rose, and it doesn’t take her long to realize Wilson’s murder might actually be connected to something else, something bigger. Hardshaw Group, a Dallas crime syndicate, is meeting a South American drug cartel in the county, only no one knows the time and place. <br>
Denny Carmichael’s drug empire has a lot to lose if they move in, so now he’s calling in the favor he insists Rose owes him—find him the time and location. Or else. <br>
Rose is a hair’s breadth away from losing everyone she loves, including her six-week-old daughter, and she’ll do anything she can to save them.<br>


  • I can’t believe this is the last book

    By Divasha7997
    A wonderful ending to an awesome series. I actually ugly cried. Well done Ms. Swank. Well done.
  • Absolutely amazing!!

    By cutie.b264
    Took me awhile to read this, just because I know it’s Rose’s last book. Now that I have read it, I’m not sure why I waited. Absolutely amazing book. Very well written. Ties up all loose ends. Thank you Denise! If you haven’t read this one yet, you really should read it. If you’ve never heard of Rose Gardner. I highly recommend starting at the beginning with Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes. I’ve loved her journey since the beginning.
  • Rose Gardner Forever!

    By Boham69
    Wow! Let me first start by saying that Denise Grover Swank is an amazing writer and one of my most favorite authors. Although I haven’t read every book of hers YET, I’ve read a majority of them and plan to read them all. I have loved every series I’ve read so far, but The Rose Gardner Series is definitely my favorite. I will miss this series and all of the characters dearly, but I understand Denise’s reasoning for concluding it. I hope to at least get updates on Rose’s life in the future, but I’ll respect whatever Denise decides to do. The Rose books have brought out so many emotions in me over the years. I’ve laughed, cried, yelled, cheered and so on. I’m sad that there won’t likely be anymore Rose books, but I feel so blessed to have been part of her journey. These characters will forever be in my heart and mind. The nice thing is, when I’m missing them I can always read the series and spin-offs again. I highly recommend this series to anyone who hasn’t read it. Thank you Denise for bringing these characters to life and for sharing them with all of us.
  • My story journey

    By readaddictaholic
    I’m truly broken hearted. I knew James Malcolm was pushing Rose away to protect her. Only I held out hope that they would find their way back to each other and raise Hope in a loving relationship. I just knew in my heart that’s what James was working towards. I can appreciate how the story came full circle with her ending up with Joe, but that part of my soul that knew James was doing everything he could to make himself worthy, held on to the dream they could be together. As it is, I’m only 50 % disappointed in the ending on this beautiful journey. Though I cannot lie the other 50% of me is shattered.
  • A perfect ending to a wonderful series

    By Jo_822011
    This book made me laugh, and it made me cry. What a beautiful ending to an amazing series.
  • Excellent

    By Inuvik
    Beautifully done! I love the Rose Gardner series. It’s always full of twists and turns that make you want to skip ahead to see what happens. Though if you did you’d miss the good stuff that’s between the beginning and the end. I highly recommend this series!
  • Perfect ending to one of my favorite characters

    By Ztalady
    I stayed up way too late reading this last book. Although I’m sad to know this is the end of what we know of Rose’s story, the author did a phenomenal job. I’ve never felt more happy with a series end. Congrats DGS! Well done!
  • One more book! One more book!

    By Ashaleeena
    Not going to give away any spoilers, but this book was incredible - as are all of the Rose stories. I still hate to see Rose go. I am holding out hope that there will be more and more. I wanted more from Neely Kate and Sparkle Investigations too. Motherhood doesn’t have to mean that you settle down forever! I can’t see these women letting this all go so easily. Come on Denise! Don’t quit now! Please!
  • Never disappoints

    By MML04
    I read every book in this series and I always looked forward to the next. Never got bored or felt it went on too long. Sad it’s over. I practically grew up with this series, which helped me relate to Rose. I read it as an undergrad, sometimes having to wait until the summer so I wouldn’t get distracted with my studies. Now almost 10 years postgrad as a wife and mom to young children, knowing that mother instinct to protect at all cost had me in my emotions the whole book.
  • Great

    By Dkgbhgsnjsd
    Gonna miss Rose!