The Whetstone Fist: Episode 1 - Brian Declan

The Whetstone Fist: Episode 1

By Brian Declan

  • Release Date: 2020-04-17
  • Genre: Short Stories


Really good stuff…
★★★★★ “Pros: characters and the relationships between them are great, the pace is great, the story is great (thanks for not flashing stats every two minutes!)

Cons: books are short but published often (so sort of balances out but at these lengths, it would be best to publish even faster), some typos… not a problem for me but some people are fanatical about it. I just highlight the errors as I go. I don’t know if authors can see that somehow, so they can go back and make corrections if they want??

Overall, it’s a good fun read. I’m looking forward to a lot more of this series. Thanks…” -Mark Twain-

Pleasant quick read
★★★★ “Engaging main character, enjoyable read. Straightforward storyline. Standard litrpg cave system. No significant setback to allow much character growth. A growing friendship, but even less character development for her.” -snarsdale-

Engaging Fantasy Story
★★★★ “As a fan of fantasy, I have enjoyed reading this story on the run. Good story. Look for more to come!” -Irene-

Good story but…
★★★★ “It loses points for grammar mistakes and spelling errors, it's like the author didn't bother to get a good grammar or spell check program when writing this, now the upside, engaging story, litrpg mechanics that don't take up half the book, interesting characters