Rounding Cape Horn, A Photo Story - Jon Van Loon

Rounding Cape Horn, A Photo Story

By Jon Van Loon

  • Release Date: 2020-05-12
  • Genre: Specialty Travel


Long Description
This book is a photo story of a trip in which we embarked at Valparaiso Chile, made our way down the Chilean coast line around the often treacherous Cape Horn, thence up the Argentinean coast disembarking at Buenos Aries. Of course stories are legion of ships encountering horrific storms in the fifties latitudes of the Cape Horn region. Countless losses of ship and cargo had been recorded here in the days of the Clipper Ships forced to sail this route before the advent of the Panama Canal. Our calamity materialized in the leg of our journey soon after we had rounded the Cape. In what turned out to be our ignorance and complacency we had no such fears. Our ship, a relatively large and powerful cruise ship with 4 or 5 decks, seemed well suited for stormy weather so it was hard to believe the calamity that lay in wait for us in unanticipated Southern Atlantic Ocean tempestuous conditions. The story has many highlights other than the sight of Cape Horn under several weather conditions. These include a volcanic mountain, a massive bright blue glacier, shipwrecks particularly in the Falkland Islands and finally how we weathered a disastrous hurricane that damaged our ship.