Moon Light on Scale of Fishes - علیرضا خالو کاکایی

Moon Light on Scale of Fishes

By علیرضا خالو کاکایی

  • Release Date: 2019-02-16
  • Genre: Poetry


Ali reza Khalo kakaee is an Iranian poet, songwriter, and Iranian Writer This exiled artist is against fundamentalist ruling of Iran.
He is part of the freedom voice that the Islamic Republic has banned it in Iran.
The new his book name is "Moonlight on scale of fishes"
you perhaps to be the one who reads it for first.

We offer you, a poem from this book called "The secretive world"

On the mirror of the water
Bubble smile is a beautiful secret

Whisper of the leaves in the wind
Is a secret

Is a secret

Is a secret

Top of these secrets
Confessing to all of these secrets, is a secret.

"We hope that he receives a warm welcome