The Frozen Flame: Publisher's Pack 1 - Paul J Bennett

The Frozen Flame: Publisher's Pack 1

By Paul J Bennett

  • Release Date: 2020-06-08
  • Genre: Epic
Score: 4.5
From 68 Ratings


Magic is the key...but will it save them, or consume them?

Contains books 1, 2 and the Prequel of The Frozen Flame series.

Torn from her mother's arms, Natalia is borne away to the Volstrum, an institution steeped in mystery. There, trained as a battle mage, she has the potential to be one of the most powerful spellcasters ever. Yet the price they demand of her is too high!

Athgar's life was shattered when his magical potential was released by the very fire that nearly consumed him. Blindly driven by revenge, it's not until he meets Natalia and nearly dies again that he realizes something much more sinister is evolving.

Now, Natalia is on the run from her family while Athgar desperately hunts for his.

Together, they journey across the Continent, searching for clues of a conspiracy that remained secret for years.

Will their enemies destroy them before they reveal the truth?

Discover a land infused with magic and mystery as Paul J Bennett's newest Sword & Sorcery series, The Frozen Flame, begins. Curl up with your copy today, and enjoy a spellbinding tale!

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Heir to the Crown Series:
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  • Frozen Flames an exciting read

    By bradwv
    Paul Bennett has done it again! The Frozen Flames series continues to excite with a page turners , consisting of stories continuing the saga of main characters Natalia and Athgar seeking a place to live peacefully in a world bent on war and power struggles. Through their unique abilities as both diplomats and mages they craft alliances among tribes and races don't normally trust each other. I would recommend these books to anyone who enjoys a cracking story against a light fantasy background!
  • Introducing Natalia and Athgar

    By ADelaneyLady
    Paul Bennett introducing a new section in his same world, across continents…With the young Natalia who has been persecuted growing up within the ‘Family’ of Water Mages. Prior to graduation, she learns that absolute adherence to the family means being breed like an animal to produce ‘powerful’ children. Fortunately, she understands that there is something wrong with this and escapes out into the world and quickly becomes a fugitive on the run. Meanwhile Athgar is one of the last remaining Therengians, and learns to become a Fire Mage through the Orcs that take him in when his village is destroyed. When their paths cross unexpectedly, they decide to team up together and there is the beginning of a battle of good vs evil and a learning of different cultures and overcoming of prejudices. You’ll love the start to this series!