Missing Persons - Jack Olsen

Missing Persons

By Jack Olsen

  • Release Date: 2020-06-16
  • Genre: Action & Adventure


Missing Persons is a novel of contemporary suspense and horror, combining the shock of tension with gritty realism. A story of terror, loss and love that unlocks the nightmares lurking behind the façade of ordinary lives. Could it happen to you? Severn Gamble's wife walks into the Justice Building of a major Northwestern city and never comes out. No one has seen her. She has disappeared. And the nightmare begins. Gamble starts to hunt for her, joined by two police officers, Johnny Boon, case-hardened, cynical, and with a wife who's just walked out on him; and Tally Wickman, young, pretty, smartass, and as compatible with Boon as oil and water. Together and separately, the three of them undertake a search for Margot Gamble, a search that soon becomes obsessional, as others begin disappearing too... Never faltering, thick with vivid characterization and building to one of the most terrifying climaxes in years. Missing Persons is a masterpiece of suspense.