The Black Athlete - Jack Olsen

The Black Athlete

By Jack Olsen

  • Release Date: 2020-06-16
  • Genre: Society


Jack Olsen’s blunt depiction of the shameful treatment of black athletes in the 1960’s. A view of the sport most Americans refused to see during a time of complacency and pervasive racial crisis in America. Black collegiate athletes were often dehumanized, exploited and discarded. Recruited for their skill then lionized on the field and ostracized on campus. The world of professional sports offered black athlete’s opportunity but not equality. Positions that carry authority and responsibility were typically labeled “white only”. Olsen interviewed sociologists, black community leaders, coaches, AD’s and numerous athletes. This ground-breaking and controversial report sparked nationwide reforms when it was covered in a five-part series published by Sports Illustrated in 1968.