The Handbook of Bible Application - Tyndale House Publishers

The Handbook of Bible Application

By Tyndale House Publishers

  • Release Date: 2020-07-07
  • Genre: Bible Studies


How does prayer work? What does the Bible really say about money? Does the Bible have anything to say about friendship? You’ll find answers to these questions—and many more—quickly and easily in The Handbook of Bible Application. The Bible is chock full of wisdom about life. Yet it’s not always easy to connect the dots between the various Bible passages on any particular subject you may be interested in, whether your question is about dealing with money and success or about overcoming depression. The Handbook of Bible Application is your guide to the Bible, organized by topics that impact the way you live your life every day. AccountabilityAttitudesContentmentDepressionDoubt EncouragementFriendshipMoneyPopularityPossessionsPrayerProcrastinationSexSinglenessSufferingWorryThe Handbook of Bible Application is a resource you won’t want to do without. Discover the Bible in a new light today.