Sunset in Shadow - Tameri Etherton

Sunset in Shadow

By Tameri Etherton

  • Release Date: 2020-06-30
  • Genre: Fantasy


<h2>Essence of elegance by day. Rampant with desire by night. Can she keep her deadly secret while she wins a prince’s heart?</h2><p>Lady Rainne Dequette hates her ugly magical curse. Transforming from dignified elf to reckless ogress every evening, she’s resigned to dispatching bandits after sundown instead of dancing at magnificent castle balls. But when her epic skills with a blade save a handsome royal from ravenous wolves, revealing her shameful form could get her killed.</p><p>Prince Theo Mistwalker would rather be in his grand library than combing the forests for his wayward brother. But after he’s attacked, he’s smitten by the swashbuckling rescuer who plants an alluring kiss on his lipd before vanishing into the trees. Though his loyalty weakens while he heals in a local duchess’s home and develops feelings for her beautiful elven daughter. </p><p>After Rainne confesses her burden to the noble man she’s fallen for, she has no choice but to deal with her self-hatred or risk losing her one shot at happily-ever-after. And to be with the woman of his dreams, Theo must embark on a dangerous quest to break the spell.</p><p>Can they find a way to end Rainne’s torment and surrender to their destined passions?</p><p><i>Sunset in Shadow</i> is the first book in the enchanting Court of Stars romantic fantasy series. If you like powerful chemistry, thrilling sword fights, and journeys of self-acceptance, then you’ll adore Tameri Etherton’s hopeful tale.</p><h2><u>Buy <i>Sunset in Shadow</i> to succumb to an aristocratic attraction today!</u></h2>