Do You Trust the Truth? - Will Smith

Do You Trust the Truth?

By Will Smith

  • Release Date: 2020-06-30
  • Genre: Christianity


Do you trust the truth; a challenge to the professing Christian; is a provocative self-reflection book that has deliberate intentions to challenge those who say they are believers in Jesus Christ. The book addresses traditional and contemporary mindsets that are commonly debated in Christian conversation. The reader is being forced to evaluate their level of commitment to what the Bible says and the principles that are taught and demonstrated throughout its history. They must reconcile this against what’s popular and convenient based on experiences, feelings, and opinions that are contrary to the truth. There are no subtleties in confronting the status quo mentality and the need to seek a correct understanding of what the Word of God is communicating. The overall theme is that God through Jesus Christ (His Word) established and defined who we are and what we should believe as Christians. The book is shining a light on how the influence of the world has deceived and convoluted our beliefs regarding God’s truth. The message is simple; Christianity does not evolve, cannot be reinvented, and is not altered by time to redefine who Christians are or the principle way in how we should live.