The Goners - Bill White

The Goners

By Bill White

  • Release Date: 2020-06-09
  • Genre: Literary


Boone- He never made it as an actor, but steady work as a television extra kept him in enough wine to keep him smiling. Stormy- She went from artist to artist’s model to junkie whore in about ten minutes, then Boone came along. Chester – He was friends with big name Hollywood stars, but he himself would never be more than a $500 a day character actor. Homer – This ex-boxer turned actor always got what he wanted, no matter what it took, but would he go as far as murder? Collier- This has been art director was an old school Hollywood gay who drew a moral line between himself and the boys on Santa Monica Boulevard. Nelson – Capitol Records offered this punk rock singer from Seattle a dream contract, but all he wanted was to follow his own dream. Jinx – He saw himself as one of the world’s top five songwriters, but his songs just weren’t any good, and he didn’t have a chance in Hell of making it. Queenie – She was the only person who shared Jinx’s high opinion of himself, but her support was starting to crumble after five years of eating out of the supermarket’s garbage cans. They were the goners, living on a small, out of the way street in West Hollywood circa 1978, when the curtains were about to fall on all who were unable to get out in time.