Guitar Fretboard Fluency - Alexander Joseph

Guitar Fretboard Fluency

By Alexander Joseph

  • Release Date: 2019-04-01
  • Genre: Music


Guitar Fretboard Fluency is The Creative Guide to Mastering the Guitar Fretboard Fluency teaches you the sequential patterns, interval skips, triads and arpeggios that turn scales into usable melodic tools for soloing. You will develop your musical ears while also building excellent technique and creative solos.
The idea is to link your fingers to your ears so you can always play what you hear in your head.
Build guitar technique and master all scales in every key, and every neck position Fretboard Fluency also gets you intimately acquainted with the guitar neck by teaching you how to play every important scale, in every key in every position on the fretboard. By using just five scale shapes you will open up the fretboard and access every scale or mode anywhere on the guitar.
Break out of creative ruts while building guitar technique  As musicians, one of the biggest challenges we face is that our fingers are often in charge of our brain. Patterns or licks that we have memorised have a habit of coming out without us actually consciously meaning to play them. How many times have you thought, ‘Damn! I just played that same lick again!’? 
Fretboard fluency trains your ears and brain to be in charge of your fingers while also developing your internal 'dictionary' of creative, melodic approaches. The patterns, structures and approaches you will learn help you find new and creative ways to express yourself in guitar soloing.
Get creative while mastering sequences, interval skips, triads and arpeggios Fretboard Fluency divides the Major Scale into useful melodic sequences and patterns of intervals, triads and arpeggios to achieve three distinct goals:
• Develop melodic vocabulary to allow you to access new musical ideas • Become so confident with scale shapes that you are able to let your ears guide your solo • Develop devastating, yet targeted guitar technique that enables you to play the lines that you hear in your head • Dedicated exercises to incorporate new melodic ideas into your playing Guitar Fretboard Fluency is not just a dictionary of melodic patterns. It teaches you to actually get creative with unlimited musical possibilities.
Guitar Fretboard Fluency teaches you • Essential and useful melodic sequences, intervallic approaches, triads and Arpeggios • The Modes of the Major, Melodic and Harmonic Minor scales • The CAGED System - Easily memorise every scale in every key, anywhere on the neck • How to get creative with exciting melodic ideas • Every useful scale, anywhere on the guitar Bonus Download over 110 notated audio examples
Bonus Get 24 original backing tracks