Child of Fire - Tameri Etherton

Child of Fire

By Tameri Etherton

  • Release Date: 2020-07-13
  • Genre: Fantasy


<h4><b>Her secret was never meant to be discovered.</b></h4><p>It all began with a stolen dagger.</p><p>Amaleigh’s life as an urchin thief comes to a crashing halt the moment she flings herself off a cliff to escape the king’s guards. One moment she’s a young woman, and the next is a blur of wings, talons, and a long-hidden secret that could destroy not just her life, but the entire kingdom.</p><p>All she ever wanted was freedom, a chance to choose her path and not answer to anyone. A chance to stop thieving and make something more for herself. The dagger was supposed to buy her way out of a life she didn’t choose. Instead, it brings her nothing but trouble.</p><p>Freedom comes at the ultimate price. She’ll have to make a choice—kill the prince, who happens to be her best friend, or live the rest of her days as a caged pet for her deranged boss.</p><p>Some loyalties can’t be broken. Some pasts won’t stay hidden.</p>