There’s No Mystery Like No History - A. Elizabeth

There’s No Mystery Like No History

By A. Elizabeth

  • Release Date: 2020-07-19
  • Genre: Art & Architecture


Who are we?  Here in America, we have been called Negro, Colored, Black, African-American, and now POC (People of Color).  But these are not nations, or peoples, or Cultures, or Countries.  These are names of colors and they change throughout the decades.  But Who Are We As a People?  Where do we originate from, and what is our ancient history.  Six students are challenged to answer these questions when they are presented with a school project in which they have to find their heritage.  The Black students seem to be the only students who do not have a history beyond America.  Is this true, or is there more to who we are.  Follow the students in this series as they research and seek out the hidden, forgotten, or disposed of history of Black Americans and Blacks throughout the Diaspora.  What will they find, and will it change the way in which they perceive themselves and their history.