Why We Hate Cheap Things - The School of Life

Why We Hate Cheap Things

By The School of Life

  • Release Date: 2020-07-29
  • Genre: Self-Improvement


How to rethink your consumer habits and feel richer at heart.

Our society encourages us to equate expense with value. The more expensive something is, the more we're encouraged to covet it. Yet as its market price falls, our interest and passion tend to fade.

This recurrent pattern, The School of Life argues, is a cultural misfortune. We need to rethink our patterns of consumption. Why We Hate Cheap Things considers how to do so, and reveals how most of us already have more than we need. With humor and utility, the book teaches us how the practice of gratitude can lead us to a more meaningful understanding of wealth.A COMMON SENSE APPROACH TO ECONOMICSEXPLORES IDEAS ABOUT MONEY, WORTH, AND WEALTH through a philosophical lens.A REFRESHING REMINDER TO APPRECIATING WHAT WE HAVE rather than coveting what we don't.ILLUSTRATED with full color images throughout.