A Replacement for Religion - The School of Life

A Replacement for Religion

By The School of Life

  • Release Date: 2020-07-22
  • Genre: Religion & Spirituality


A thought-provoking book that helps us adapt the best parts of religion to fit our modern day lives.

Whether or not we believe in religion, many of us feel drawn toward a spiritual life. Maybe we love cathedral architecture, Mozart's Requiem, or Buddhist literature.

The School of Life is a secular organization fascinated by the gaps left in modern society by the gradual disappearance of religion. They're interested in how hard it is to find a sense of community, why rituals are dying out, and when we crave the solemn quiet only found in religious buildings. This book lays out how we might absorb the best lessons of religion, update them for our times and incorporate them into our daily lives and societies-without taking on the theological or doctrinal elements.
A SECULAR GUIDE TO FINDING SPIRITUALITYEXPLORES HOW ART, PSYCHOLOGY, AND PHILOSOPHY can fill the void of religion in modern life.PART OF A SERIES OF GIFTABLE ESSAYS FROM THE SCHOOL OF LIFE, including What is Psychotherapy?, How to Find Love, and Self-Knowledge.