The Meaning of Life - The School of Life

The Meaning of Life

By The School of Life

  • Release Date: 2020-07-29
  • Genre: Philosophy


A thought-provoking guide to one of the greatest questions we will ever face - what is the meaning of life? 
It may seem useless, silly, or overwhelming to ponder the meaning of life. In truth, it is essential to ask ourselves this question in order to define and work towards a more meaningful existence. 

This book presents a range of areas in which we can seek the meaning of life, including love, family, friendship, work, self-knowledge and nature. We discover why some things feel meaningful and others don't, and learn how to introduce more meaning into our daily lives.
ADDRESSES THE BIG QUESTIONS with insight and compassion.HOW TO PURSUE A MEANINGFUL LIFE a philosophical approach to finding meaning.EXPLORES SOURCES OF MEANING from love and family, to work, culture and nature.ILLUSTRATED with full color images throughout.