How to Think More Effectively - The School of Life & Alain de Botton

How to Think More Effectively

By The School of Life & Alain de Botton

  • Release Date: 2020-09-04
  • Genre: Management & Leadership
Score: 5
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A guide to identifying, nurturing and growing our insight and creativity for more effective thinking.

We know that our minds are capable of great things. But they are also unpredictable. Our thoughts tend to wander and our minds are either distracted or idle. This book teaches us how to optimize these beautiful yet fitful instruments so that they can more regularly and generously produce the sort of insights and ideas we need to fulfill our potential.

We learn how to hold on to fleeting thoughts before they disappear through anxiety and fear, what time of day is best for constructive work, and how to avoid predictable approaches to our largest problems. The result is a user's manual to that most wondrous, intermittent, and always baffling, organ: the human mind.
WITH CHAPTERS ON CUMULATIVE, EMPATHETIC, AND SKEPTICAL THINKINGA PRACTICAL AND INFORMATIVE GUIDE for individuals and businesses alike.INFORMED BY RESEARCH FROM THE SCHOOL OF LIFE FOR BUSINESS whose clients include Facebook, Google, Nike, and Sony Music.PART OF THE SCHOOL OF LIFE'S ESSENTIAL SKILLS SERIES other titles include The Emotionally Intelligent Office and How to Get on With Your Colleagues.