Dating - The School of Life


By The School of Life

  • Release Date: 2020-07-23
  • Genre: Family & Relationships


A guidebook to the joys and anxieties of romantic love - and the key to finding a long term partner. 

This little book teaches us about the history of dating, the best way to discuss our past on our date, what questions to ask a new partner, and how to learn from a bad date. Both heartfelt and perceptive, it provides us with an indispensable road map to the varied, sometimes delightful, sometimes daunting realties of dating. 

Dating might seem like a trivial and relatively inconsequential part of love, but it is in fact the key to finding a lasting relationship. Dating allows us to explore some of the biggest themes of romantic love; how to know if someone is right for us; how soon to settle and how long to search; how to be at once honest and seductive; how to say "no" if a situation doesn't feel right. The tone and practical advice in this little book never minimizes the agony, joys, and confusions of our dating days and nights but offers solace to the weary: there is a partner out there for all who seek. 
A PRACTICAL GUIDE: to dating in the modern world. PART OF THE SCHOOL OF LIFE'S 'LOVE' SERIES: focusing on the joys and sorrows of relationships. ADVICE AND GUIDANCE: on how to make the most of our dating years. AN INDISPENSABLE ROAD MAP: to the highs and lows of dating.