Reunited By A Shock Pregnancy - Motoko Mori & Chantelle Shaw

Reunited By A Shock Pregnancy

By Motoko Mori & Chantelle Shaw

  • Release Date: 2020-08-03
  • Genre: Romance


Eight years after ending her mismatched marriage with an Italian tycoon, Sienna has finally established a cosmetics company and gained great success. But after reading about her ex-husband getting remarried in the newspaper, she decides to head to their spot to confirm that she no longer has feelings for him. There, she hears a familiar voice calling out to her. It’s her ex-husband, Niko! The newspaper was mistaken, and the one who got married was Niko’s brother. Unable to resist this reunion with Niko, Sienna spends a night of passion with him. Little did she know that she would become pregnant…and face Niko’s rejection once again?