Call You Mine - Claudia Burgoa

Call You Mine

By Claudia Burgoa

  • Release Date: 2021-02-02
  • Genre: Romance
Score: 4.5
From 216 Ratings


A fun, sexy, charming, friends-to-lovers romance by USA TODAY Bestselling author Claudia Burgoa.

I’ve been best friends with Beacon since we were kids. We shared everything, even our first kiss.

 Now that we’re adults, Beacon’s been cockblocking me on my quest to find Mr. Right. No matter how hard I try to find love, he’s always getting in the way.

 My shy, awkward exterior doesn’t help. After all, Beacon’s the cool one, not me—I play the cello at Carnegie Hall, and He’s a heartthrob. 

The famous frontman of the band famous Too Far From Grace. Every woman wants him, every guy...either wants to be like him or wants him too. 

I decide to play devil’s advocate, and hire Beacon to teach me the dating ropes. Maybe if we work together, we can find me a guy we both approve of.

Except, moving to Baker’s Creek to work on this experiment isn’t working the way I planned. Seems like he’s doing everything to convince me that I don’t need a man, after all, I have him.


The Baker’s Creek Billionaire Brothers series is a romantic comedy saga packed with the perfect mix of angst, tears, and laughs. If you like strong heroines & alpha males, steamy romances and witty love stories, this series is for you!


  • Awesome book

    By Mari360
    Omg what a rollercoaster. I absolutely loved Grace and Beacon. This is a Friends to lovers story. The strength you see in Grace makes her such an awesome character. Beacons puppy dog eyes makes my heart litter patter for him. You can tell that the feelings they have for each other are more than friendship. This story had such a huge curveball and had my head spinning. This out of nowhere thing elevated this story. Def a 5 star rating. I also love love love that we see a glimpse of the brothers
  • Beacon Aldridge❤️

    By Yoli277
    How is it that each book in this series keeps getting better and better?! Beacon Aldridge and Grace Bradley have 100% stolen my heart. Call You Mine is pure magic, the storyline is cleverly crafted and the unexpected secrets and twists are amazing. There’s so much goodness and perfection packed in this best friends to lovers romance that my heart exploded a couple of times. Beacon and Grace are talented musicians and the way Claudia Burgoa incorporates their music with their passion is beautifully done. She also did an outstanding job of building the anticipation of Beacon’s story in the previous Baker’s Creek Billionaire Brothers’ books and I was overly eager to dive into his story. And the fact that the Deckerd family which is my favorite family of all time made an appearance, truly made me ecstatic. Call You Mine is sexy, entertaining, swoon worthy and an absolute must read.
  • Too Far from Grace

    By LisanneH
    Too Far from Grace Beacon is, hands down, my favorite of the brothers. He’s so committed to Grace, it’s even the name of his band. Grace is the perfect foil for Beacon. The best friend, the cellist marching to her own drummer. I loved the compatibility of Beacon and Grace, music, touring (though not together), the friendship. Highly recommended.
  • Swoon-worthy couple

    By Cheryl33610
    Okay, full disclosure here. I almost never read books out of order in their series. Even when someone tells me it’s okay, because each is a stand-alone. Even those than I ultimately tell others that it’s okay to read out of order. It’s my quirk and I seldom deviate from it, but even when I do, it’s okay. I spent the first 30% of this book thinking, I should have read the first three beforehand. I was a bit confused and actually put it down for an afternoon and read something else! I never, ever double dip with’s another of those quirks I have. Ultimately, I went back to reading. I understood, or at least didn’t let my lack of understanding stop me. Then, I needed to suspend belief a wee bit. Let me say, there’s more going on here besides a lovely friends to lovers tale. Is it a bit far fetched? Well, yeah. But it’s so wonderfully written and honestly fun that I whipped through the rest of the book. I’m a fast reader, but it was almost superhuman. Grace and Beacon are amazing! Beacon is the perfect guy, even as he’s kept secret his feelings for Grace. Grace has been trying to find a guy, but who could possibly live up to the man that is her best friend? It was beyond fun to watch these two turn the page from besties to so much more. I’m more looking forward to the next books than I am to going backwards, but I need a feel for the brothers than Beacon rates on the a-hole scale from worst to best! I grew to accept them, but I’d like to maybe like/love them. But I know it won’t be anything close to my feelings for Deacon. So, a 4-4.25 star rating, tempered only by my pause and a bit of disbelief. But I definitely recommend Call You Mine...just maybe read the other books first!?
  • Friends to lovers

    By mamagalindo
    This is the first book In the series I have I need to go back and read the others. I enjoyed this great friends to lovers book with a little bit of mystery and suspense thrown in. Deacon is living two lives but one thing is constant...his friendship with Grace. Grace and Deacon have been friends forever, she is having an impossible time finding a keeper boyfriend and her family is very protective of her. Deacon offers Grace a deal on helping her with her dating skills and while doing so they will remain friends. They both have been hiding secrets from one another and when they come to light there are fireworks. As they work their their feelings and emotions a family event happens that will determine their future together or apart. I really liked the characters and the story. Would highly recommend this book.
  • Loved it!

    By 95one
    Loved, loved this romantic comedy story of the Aldrich brothers. This is the fourth book of the Baker’s Creek Billionaire Brothers series about seven half-brothers—this is Beacon (Beac) Aldrich and Grace Bradley’s story. This story gives you a little of each being—unputdownable, fun, flirty, suspenseful, heartbreaking, delightful, slow-burn friends to lovers story, and a roller coaster of emotions. Claudia Burgoa has done it again with an engaging story that will keep you captivated throughout this addictive page-turner! I was hooked from the very first page—laughing, swooning, fanning, and holding my breathe. I fell in love with Beacon Aldrich, the tall, handsome, brooding, charismatic, and sexy rockstar. Beacon (the kid) the youngest of the Aldrich brothers, is not only a hot rockstar, but he has always been a mystery and someone who seemed so aloof, but he is really caring—he is a swoon fest. Grace and Beacon have known each other since they were young, and Beacon and Grace have a long-term best friends relationship who are inseparable. Grace is shy around a lot of people, but she is also a well renown cellist. When they were teens, they had a tryst, but nothing became of it because Beacon left. Now, Grace is on a mission to find the man of her dreams through several dates, but Beacon always seems to stymie her dates with other men even though they are always together and they can tell each other the truth. Beacon and Grace are now living in Baker’s Creek, and after several failed attempts at dating, Grace comprised a list for Beacon to help her find the right man—right, we know how that will turn out! Beacon and Grace are drawn together with both of them finding something in each other that had been lacking in their own relationship—or lack thereof. Beacon is well aware that he is all wrong for Grace, but when he is with Grace, he crosses that forbidden line each time he interacts with her. What happens next! There is a secret that Beacon’s brothers do not know about him—what they know is that he is the leader of the band group, he is uptight, rigid, and set in his ways—until the day his brothers are threatened. Beacon, the kid, is in for the fight of his life to protect his family—blood is thicker than water. Everything that matters is on the line, and Beacon is not letting anything get in the way! There are several twists and turns that are interesting and will pique your interests. Claudia Burgoa’s books will be salacious with an engrossing love story, interesting plots and dialogues with strong conflicts, artfully developed main characters, and they will keep you reading to the end to find out what happened. I highly recommend this book.
  • Amazing

    By Laura__F
    Four books into this series and I’m so invested in the Aldridge family. I both want to savor every story and race through for more clues about what really had them sent to Baker’s Creek. Beacon and Grace’s story is nothing like what I was expecting. To be honest, Beacon and Grace were way different than I thought they would be and that made this book so insanely good. These two are definitely my favorite of the Aldridge clan. The unexpected suspense had me sitting on the edge of my seat and biting my nails. I can’t wait for more of the Aldridge family and I’m adding Grace’s family to my TBR ASAP.