Love Like Her - Claudia Burgoa

Love Like Her

By Claudia Burgoa

  • Release Date: 2021-03-02
  • Genre: Romantic Comedy
Score: 4.5
From 101 Ratings


USA TODAY Bestselling Author Claudia Burgoa charms readers in this romantic comedy that’s whimsical and fun.

Eros Brassard and I met at JFK years ago while trying to catch two different planes. We had an instant connection that was too powerful to deny. Love happened, and we hooked up.

After our crazy romp, we agreed we couldn’t be together. We live too far away to make it work. Yet ever since, destiny has brought us together. Our paths have crossed so many times it’s obvious fate has intervened in our lives.

But there’s always something else—or someone else—getting in the way. Until now.

I’m hired to plan the wedding of Eros’ best friend, Misty. He thought Misty was the one who got away… until I walked in.

Will circumstances push us apart again?

Or is it the perfect time… maybe… for us to finally admit the truth?

Love Like Her is a funny rom-com of fated lovers and cute crushes. This warm novel that’s cozy and flirty portrays a perfect ending of second—or third—or fourth—chances.


  • Read it on sitting

    By Corintios13
    This was probably my favorite book of the three so far. It was a mix of funny, sad, sexy and love.
  • Loved

    By Mari360
    I absolutely love this story. I fell in love with Eros in the previous books and anxiously waited for his story to be told. And goodness it’s now what I thought. It was actually better than I imagined. We meet Olivia in an airport when she was not mature yet. We see how their story evolves through the years. Seeing how they find themselves before being able to actually be happy together is great. But seeing the missed chances is also frustrating. I also love how we see Nyx and Percy it’s like seeing some of their story after their hea’s. Would definitely give this book a 5 star rating.
  • Heartwarming

    By sammyreads
    This is the third book series. Finally we get Persy and Nyx brother Eros Story. This was such an adorable story. Eros and Olivia meet at airport , Both of them are young and have big plans for their future. Eros is at the airport and he meets and connects with Olivia Wen she misses her flight due to bad weather. These two continue to meet over time but miss the chance due to other priorities at the time in their life. Eventually Olivia gets the job in the same city where Eros is but both haven’t communicated in a while. The story is about quest of finding that something in life and how fate has things planned for us even when we aren’t expecting it . A heartfelt and beautiful story. Definitely a must read!
  • All the feels

    By Laura__F
    The first two books in this series completely made me fall in love with the Brassard family so I’ve been impatiently waiting to get my hands on Eros for what feels like forever (but was really just months). Oh. My. Gosh! This book is everything. I don’t exactly know what I was expecting going into this story but what I got is more than I ever could have possibly imagined wanting. Eros is so much swoon and Liv is perfection. I laughed at the antics and cried so much at some of what they went through. This book felt like a journey and I savored every minute of it. I am going to miss the Brassards so much but I am definitely going to have to drop in on them from time to time to get my dose of funny, inappropriate laughs.
  • Yetis Are Real!

    By Hmitch76
    Love Like Her is book three in Claudia Burgoa’s Against All Odds series. In the previous books we met the interesting Brassard family. While the first two books were about the sisters, Nyx and Persy, this book was big brother, Eros’ story. Eros meets a young lady, Olivia Sierra, stranded at the airport. He overheard her talking to her parents on the phone and wants to help her. The two spend a couple of days together enjoying each other’s company before they have to part ways. Years go by and the two randomly run into each other until they finally exchange numbers. They keep in touch and often get together, but their timing for a relationship is never right. I really enjoyed this book, it was written in way that it flowed very smoothly and it was over before I knew it. I loved both Eros and Olivia and their families. This was a wonderful read that I will definitely be telling my reading buddies about.
  • Absolutely Loved This Book!!!

    By Yoli277
    Eros Brassard and Olivia Sierra have captured my heart. Love Like Her (Against All Odds #3) has everything that I love in a rom com and is a blissfully romantic book that gave me all the feels. Eros and Olivia meet by chance in an airport and from that point on, serendipity plays a huge part in their story which makes it even more unique. I just love the way their story unfolds and grows into a delightful, beautiful deep friendship and relationship. Claudia Burgoa has done a fantastic job with Eros’ character development as I didn’t know what to expect since getting glimpses of him in Wrong Text Right Love and Didn’t Expect You. He’s a hard working, genuinely good guy with a kind heart who doesn’t always have the best luck. Fate brings him and Olivia together and it couldn’t be a better match. The chemistry and heat between them is combustible and their bond is even stronger. Love Like Her is full of laughter and love and one the best parts is....the Brassard family! The Brassard family is certainly one of a kind with their crazy antics, intrusive and nosy behavior. Their family dynamic is hilarious and entertaining and adds a lot the storyline. This book can be read as a stand-alone and is without a doubt the best book in the series. It’s fresh, sweet, funny, sexy and steamy with a well written and depth filled storyline that will take you on a wonderful journey.
  • Good, but read the previous books first

    By Cheryl33610
    So, first off, this book for me was closer to a 3.5 than a four, but since part of the rating is sort of my fault, I’m just going with it. I didn’t realize that this was book three of a series that, upon reflection and checking out other reviews, probably should be read after the first two books. Some of the storyline in Love Like Her has elements of what has happened/is happening in books one and two. It looks like they run congruently, so to me, it’s not a true stand-alone. I liked Eros and Liv’s first meeting and thought they were adorable from the first page. I enjoyed their relationship while being frustrated with each of them for different reasons. But by 70% in, I was about ready to walk away from the book. I felt Eros was completely out of character from the man he was before. I think only sheer stubbornness kept me going. Ultimately, I was glad I continued, because I loved the ending. But it was a tough go for this reader. I would have liked a bit more guidance as far as the timeline of their relationship progressed, instead of guessing how many days/months/years have gone by between chapters. But that’s my issue, it really has nothing to do with the writing or storyline, which was really good. So while there were issues for me, I’d still recommend Love Like Her. I think I would encourage you to start with the previous books,though.