Any Way the Wind Blows - Rainbow Rowell

Any Way the Wind Blows

By Rainbow Rowell

  • Release Date: 2021-07-06
  • Genre: Fantasy
Score: 4.5
From 308 Ratings


New York Times bestselling author Rainbow Rowell's epic fantasy, the Simon Snow trilogy, concludes with Any Way the Wind Blows.

In Carry On, Simon Snow and his friends realized that everything they thought they understood about the world might be wrong. And in Wayward Son, they wondered whether everything they understood about themselves might be wrong.

Now, Simon and Baz and Penelope and Agatha must decide how to move forward.

For Simon, that means choosing whether he still wants to be part of the World of Mages — and if he doesn't, what does that mean for his relationship with Baz? Meanwhile Baz is bouncing between two family crises and not finding any time to talk to anyone about his newfound vampire knowledge. Penelope would love to help, but she's smuggled an American Normal into London, and now she isn't sure what to do with him. And Agatha? Well, Agatha Wellbelove has had enough.

Any Way the Wind Blows takes the gang back to England, back to Watford, and back to their families for their longest and most emotionally wrenching adventure yet.

This book is a finale. It tells secrets and answers questions and lays ghosts to rest.

The Simon Snow Trilogy was conceived as a book about Chosen One stories; Any Way the Wind Blows is an ending about endings—about catharsis and closure, and how we choose to move on from the traumas and triumphs that try to define us.


  • Absolutely Lovely

    By addieee13
    This trilogy holds such a dear place in my heart. I genuinely love these characters. I love their stories. I love how these books have given me a place to escape to over the years. And while I’m sad that Simon Snow’s stories are over (I’m going to miss him (and Baz (definitely, especially Baz))), this book was an excellent way to wrap them up. Incredibly well written as always, Rowell finishes what I personally consider to be the best series of books I’ve ever read. If you’re considering reading this book, do it. You won’t regret it :)))
  • Flawless

    By Moshakalaka
    Touching, thrilling, page turning and perfect. 10/10!
  • It ended?

    By StarGazer 🌧💫✨🍇
    I loved the book, but I felt like there are plot holes in the series that have yet to be solved. Like how Lamb from Las Vegas was basically a mentor to Baz? I would like to explore that more. And how we never address again that Simon wanted to get his wings removed? How Agatha is apparently Bi now? I also feel like Nicodemus and Fiona’s relationship was rushed. Basil is still uncomfortable in his own skin as vampire and that hasn’t been fully solved yet. I hate that it ended
  • Perfect— or as it said on Carry On— a triumph

    By j.adamarks
    This is the most beautiful book I’ve ever read. I love this series with all of my heart.
  • Love

    By louis'butt
    That was so so good. A great way to wrap up the series
  • A fitting end

    By Can't color inside the lines
    Less than 16 hours after it was released and I’m already sad that I’ve finished it. Such a refreshing way to end the trilogy. I wish there could be more books but would not want it to be ruined.