The Authoritarian Moment - Ben Shapiro

The Authoritarian Moment

By Ben Shapiro

  • Release Date: 2021-07-27
  • Genre: Political Science
Score: 4.5
From 107 Ratings


New York Times Bestseller

How far are Americans willing to go to force each other to fall in line?

According to the establishment media, the intelligentsia, and our political chattering class, the greatest threat to American freedom lies in right-wing authoritarianism. We’ve heard that some 75 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump represent the rise of American fascism; that conservatives have allowed authoritarianism to bloom in their midst, creating a grave danger for the republic.

But what if the true authoritarian threat to America doesn’t come from the political right, but from the supposedly anti-fascist left?

There are certainly totalitarians on the political right. But statistically, they represent a fringe movement with little institutional clout. The authoritarian left, meanwhile, is ascendant in nearly every area of American life. A small number of leftists—college-educated, coastal, and uncompromising—have not just taken over the Democratic Party but our corporations, our universities, our scientific establishment, our cultural institutions. And they have used their newfound power to silence their opposition.

The authoritarian Left is aggressively insistent that everyone must conform to its values, demanding submission and conformity. The dogmatic Left is obsessed with putting people in categories and changing human nature. Everyone who opposes it must be destroyed.

Ben Shapiro looks at everything from pop culture to the Frankfurt school, social media to the Founding Fathers, to explain the origins of our turn to tyranny, and why so many seem blind to it.

More than a catalog of bad actors and intemperate acts, The Authoritarian Moment lays bare the intolerance and rigidity creeping into all American ideology – and prescribes the solution to ending the authoritarianism that threatens our future.


  • A Must Read!!

    By Kharley2327
    Finally some truth and facts instead of leftist wishes!
  • Hypocritical nonsense

    By k5z6
    The man that wants the government to legislate women’s healthcare, limit adoption options for lgbt+ couples, and make erotic adult content illegal thinks he can lecture everyone about authoritarianism. Laughable
  • Authoritarians beware

    By PBLC20
    Strategies for fighting back against the authoritarian left. Much needed and appreciated.
  • Why this book on top charts

    By CharlotteFlair101
    Just another pathetic attempt for Republicans trying to make themselves look like the good guys.🙄 same ole same ole
  • Ben does it again

    By ditziqt22
    Outstanding read! Well thought out and eye opening. Definitely thought of the movie Gaslight and Ben explains that we really are seeing and hearing what we are seeing and hearing. It’s time to stand up to authoritarian moment.
  • Great Read

    By BirdoWorky
    What a well written, and thoughtful book. So needed for these times, I am grateful for the insights gained by reading. Anyone looking for truth should give it a read.
  • Great Summary of Current America

    By Silentsun67
    Ben does a fabulous job of explaining (with many, many references cited) of what’s happening in America and how a large group of people are being silenced in America. Great ending for what we can do to stand up to a small group trying to control us.
  • Insightful read

    By Reid !!
    Shapiro is on it again. Speaking insightfully into our culture and political climate.
  • Picked this book up yesterday

    By Mike1180
    Can’t stop reading! Going to buy digital book as well so I can read on the go!
  • Awesome

    By williamhein
    Ben Shapiro makes salient points and arguments against the growing authoritarian movement in the US