Displaced - Bridget E. Baker


By Bridget E. Baker

  • Release Date: 2019-10-15
  • Genre: Fantasy
Score: 4.5
From 407 Ratings


"A fast moving, engaging tale in what promises to be an epic fantasy romance series," Kirkus Reviews.

The first time Chancery's twin sister tried to kill her was on their ninth birthday. In the intervening years, nothing improved. In fact, Judica stabbed her hand with a fork just this morning so she could take the last pancake.

Then Judica threw it to her dog.

But Chancery has a secret.

She's been watching their people's finest warrior for years while she was supposed to be studying. He's gorgeous, powerful, and a genius in all military applications—flawless in every way. Chancery thinks he may like her, too.

But he's supposed to marry her evil twin, because their mother chose Judica as her heir, the future empress of one-sixth of the earth.

Chancery, sick of all the drama, decides to run away from court to live among the humans, but the day before she's supposed to leave, she's helping her prepare for a ball. She tries on her mother's royal ring and the staridium stone reacts to her. She inadvertently fulfills an ancient prophecy of the woman who will unite the six families and save the entire world.

There's no way her mother's going to let her leave now, and things just became much more complicated.


  • Love beyond words

    By riddlerz90
    Words cannot explain how lovely this book was!
  • Addicted isn't a strong enough word

    By Katbraetyllo
    I absolutely loved this book! And the entire series. Like I literally had dreams about it while trying to figure out who had killed the queen. In my desperation for answers, I even messaged the author with my guesses because I was going insane waiting for her to write the next books. She'd leave such tiny little clues, and it was exhilarating. I did manage to figure it out before the end of the series- will you?
  • One of my favorite series ever!

    By sunaftertherain
    I love YA fiction and this series did not disappoint!! It has a brilliant twist on real-life, introducing deep, well-developed characters and engaging storylines. I can NOT wait to see how the series ends.
  • Obsessed

    By MeaganC223
    I have read it twice in the past year!
  • Step into the world of evians

    By kjlc2019
    Judica and Chancery are the polar opposite twins of their mother, Enora, the Empress of Alamecha. Think the Grim Reaper and Cinderella, in dress, attitude, and actions. In the evian world (yes, like the water! But actually because they are direct descendants of Eve, frequently living 800-900 years or more), the youngest daughter is the heir to the throne in each of the major ruling groups. Each empress can have hundreds of children, but it seems Judica and Chancery will be the last for Enora at her age. Judica has been trained for battle in every form since birth, as every daughter is upon birth until a younger sister is born, and Chancery has basically been a pet/companion for her mother. Very different upbringings in the same household. The personality of each suits their role in society and all seems to be going to plan until their mother is murdered. Unfortunately for the sisters, just prior to the death of Enora, something no one ever expected about Chancery is discovered. Now all the planning and customs are about to be upended and a battle to the death is declared. Of course, the hunky love interest is burning to step in and be the hero he thinks Chancery needs, but she is a young woman with her own mind, even if her heart is distracting her in a couple of different directions. Just the right mix of fantasy, actual facts, interesting concepts of the human world combined with an “other,” and romance to keep you reading straight through to the end, then clicking “buy” on the next book to see what happens next!
  • Great book

    By Saucey Cher
    This is one of the best books I’ve read in awhile. Great story, great characters and well thought out story. No cliffhanger but it does continue in another book. Must read
  • It was okay.

    By mimiarriaga93
    I like Chancerys character but she also gets on my nerves a lot. She makes decisions based on what she wants instead of what’s in the best interest of her people. In a lot of ways she’s no different than her sister she’s just nicer about it. ..I’m all for love triangles but I think Noahs personality threw off the whole book it was like a jester popping out in the middle of a graceful ballet. I did enjoy the storyline though.
  • Edge of your seat read

    By Patsass
    This tale will keep you on the edge of your seat! So many behind the scene plots, nasty politics and two sisters vying for a throne make for one exciting book!
  • Great start of series

    By C&C 1996
    I loved this story and can’t wait to read the rest of the series. It is clean and sweet, while still dealing with fighting matches sometimes to the death. It is a bit of a romance but isn’t the primary focus of the book. And there is a bit of a decision the main character has to make regarding what kind of man she wants. She can’t have them both. Chancery is the main character with her sister Judica being a strong secondary character. The love interests are Noah who is a human and Edam. I like Noah but was strongly pulling for Edam who I think she will end up with in the end. But who knows. I liked that women are the rulers. I have read others were it is a Queendom vs a Kingdom. But I like how there is an underlying theme that in any type of civilization where inequality is present that those not usually praised matter and have value. In this book men are not the rulers and the sons of rulers are bought and sold. Yet, they have feelings too. Just as much as humans do even if they are not the genetic elect like the Evians are. There are times in this book when as a reader you really want to love a character or hate them. But the main character helps the reader see good even in the worst of characters.
  • Great!

    By nanarutheb
    I loved everything about this book! The story was unlike any other that I’ve read. Some romance, but not too much. Exciting action and twists. You don’t know who to trust. I can’t wait to read the next book!