The Summer of Lost and Found - Mary Alice Monroe

The Summer of Lost and Found

By Mary Alice Monroe

  • Release Date: 2021-05-11
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
Score: 4
From 343 Ratings


A timely, tender, and compassionate tale of perseverance, love, and the bonds of family in the face of tremendous and sometimes painful upheaval in this latest novel in the New York Times bestselling Beach House series.

The coming of spring usually means renewal, but for Linnea Rutledge, this spring is a season of challenge. Linnea faces another layoff, this time from the aquarium she adores, and her family’s finances, emotions, and health teeter on the brink. To complicate matters, her new love interest, Gordon, struggles to return to the Isle of Palms from England. Meanwhile, her old flame, John, turns up from California and is quarantining next door. She tries to ignore him, but when he sends her plaintive notes in the form of paper airplanes, old sparks ignite. When Gordon at last reaches the island, Linnea wonders—is it possible to love two men at the same time?

Love in the time of COVID-19 proves challenging, at times humorous, and ever changing. Relationships are redefined, friendships made and broken, and marriages tested. As the weeks turn to months, and another sea turtle season comes to a close, Linnea learns there are more meaningful lessons during this summer than opportunities lost: that summer is a time of wonder, and that the exotic lives in our own backyards.

Poignant and moving, The Summer of Lost and Found is “a novel of growing up, saying goodbye to the past, and learning to ask yourself the hard questions, including one of the most vital of all: ‘Who do you really want to be’” (Kristin Harmel, New York Times bestselling author).


  • Another great tale

    By SGAweathergirl
    Great introduction to the next generation. I have read every one of her books and this is no exception! Any one who has any interest in sea turtle conservation and real human emotions should enjoy this book!
  • Naysayers

    By Lmnaquin
    To all of you dwelling on Covid, one day your great grandchildren will be reading about it in history class. Silly fools for not finishing a great book about current events with a great storyline as typical. Kudos MAM, they missed out and you did it again. And for the new readership I promise “every other word is NOT about Covid”!
  • Can’t even finish it

    By imonaboat9292
    Why would I want to read a book where every other sentence is about Covid? I was really looking forward to this series, but I’m not even going to finish it. If it weren’t electronic, I’d burn it.
  • Disappointed

    By wyomom2
    So yes we are still in a pandemic.... I read to forget that, and while I enjoy her continued characters, the plot was predictable and not very enjoyable. A bit of a let down, as I usually look forward to her new work.
  • The Summer of Lost and Found

    By Susan Snooze
    This book was interminable!! Very Boring.

    By LGHudson
    Leave it to beloved author Mary Alice Monroe to pen the book of the year that truly paints the word picture of what life was like in the face of COVID-19! The 7th book in her wonderful Beach House Series, THE SUMMER OF LOST AND FOUND, is a story of love, courage and resilience for Linnea and the rest of her Rutledge family. They are fortunate to live on the beautiful Isle of Palms and they do not take that for granted. When COVID-19 strikes, Linnea faces a layoff from the job she loves at the aquarium. She is not alone as her family members are facing their own issues - illness, financial and emotional struggles are at the forefront of their minds. When your family lives close together, it can be a blessing but sometimes being in a “lockdown” situation may make you wonder! As time goes by they learn to rely on each other and discover new skills in certain family members. This would not be an excellent Beach Read without the element of Romance and Mary Alice Monroe has written a wonderfully, clever approach to romance during Covid! She has Linnea caught between an old love and a new love. John was the boy next door who grew up being the love of her life. He also broke her heart. Gordon is from London and has to quarantine for 14 days when he arrives for a visit. What better place to stay than at John’s! John has already been at work trying to win Linnea’s heart back just doing little things along the way. Another turtle season comes and goes and new circle of left begins. Linnea realizes that in spite of all the the testing that has taken place over the summer, she found much more than she lost. She found strength she didn’t know she had, she found a new life skills, she appreciates her family and heritage more than ever and she finally found that love wasn’t nearly as far away as she thought it was. I was provided a complimentary copy of this book by Goodreads. The opinions expressed here are completely my own and without influence.
  • A Great Beach Read

    By akbaird
    Mary Alice Monroe is spot on when continuing the Beach House Series through the Pandemic! This author draws you into the book and so accurately describes the uncertainty, heartaches, and daily life changes that was caused by the beginning of the pandemic. I loved how Mary Alice Monroe even included the viewpoint from a 6 year child. Even though this novel is part of a series, this book can easily can be read as a stand alone book. Book yourself with a beach novel this May, one not to be missed. A Great Book Club pick!