You Always Have a Choice - Michael Angelo

You Always Have a Choice

By Michael Angelo

  • Release Date: 2020-10-24
  • Genre: Ghost


     "Charlie," a voice whispered, carried along on fetid air that now smelled of the grave.

     Ice shot through his veins; the crotch of his pants became warm and wet.   The thing in the shadows lurched toward him.   Charlie shut his eyes tight before he had to see its face.

     A slender, bone-white finger reached out from the shadows and touched its cold tip to his forehead.

     "Sleep," it hissed.


      A Texas Ranger transporting his prisoner to Huntsville finds himself thrust into a supernatural morality tale when a violent tempest springs up and forces the two to stop for the night.  With all of the main roads washed out, they take shelter in a crumbling, out-of-the-way bed & breakfast.

      They are the only guests, but they are not alone.

      An insidious presence saturates the land and both men will be tried in its crucible as they face choices that will challenge their character and test their resolve.  The house is alive.  Its spirits are restless.  And the wrong choice could have consequences that haunt them far beyond death.


      Welcome to Grandma's House.