Marked - Bridget E. Baker


By Bridget E. Baker

  • Release Date: 2020-10-16
  • Genre: Dystopian
Score: 4.5
From 268 Ratings


The world we knew is GONE.

Ruby had barely started kindergarten when the world collapsed, but by now she's over it though, like, really over it. To celebrate their upcoming graduation, the teenagers in Port Gibson are gathering to play a forbidden game from Before, a game called spin the bottle. 

Pretty much every girl in Port Gibson likes the same two guys, and Ruby knows them both. Wesley, the charismatic son of the town Mayor who's being groomed to step into his dad's job, and Sam, the ripped but terrifying second-in-command to the town's Security Chief. But only Wesley's graduating with Ruby, and if he shows up, she's determined to finally seize her chance to kiss her long time crush.

When things go sideways, endangering her dear Wesley's life, there's only one person Ruby can ask for help, no matter how scary and enigmatic he is: Samuel Roth. Can Ruby convince Sam to risk his life to save Wesley's? And can Ruby navigate the post-apocalyptic world in time to save her crush, or will the long forgotten past come back to claim its due?

Kirkus Reviews said of Marked, "Baker's prose is sharp and vivid, and she manages to immediately plunge her readers into the world of the novel. The story is swiftly paced and features some surprising twists and intriguing characters. The combination of sci-fi, mystery, and teen romance makes for a compelling adventure.

A promising YA debut about a girl's search for a future in the wreckage of the past."


  • 🦋

    By dreamyflower🗝🪷
    I enjoyed the story a lot it was an interesting story I just wish the main characters was a bit different in some ways but that’s how humans are we have different thoughts and plans~
  • Marked

    By camieoct15
    A interesting read. Ruby’s whinnying can get on your nerves after awhile but you have to realize she is barely 17. Even tho she feels grown she is still a child. It would be so nice if we all had a man in our life’s like Sam! I do wish for stories with a ending that didn’t leave you hanging. It’s always “ The next series “ Tiresome after awhile. Jan.23 2023 camie12
  • Love love love

    By drayrizzlebizzle
    Love this book, I love the characters, I love how right off the bat you enter this whole new world, I’m constantly on the edge of my seat, like I can’t read fast enough. I love everything about this series. It’s a page turner for sure💕
  • another entitled, spoiled heroine

    By Rxnjsquir
    the lead character is too self centered to have insight and cause or escalates each situation. hope other brats do not get more ideas and add to their narcissim. plot is familiar from many other stories and shows. i did give star because i read it hoping for ruby to mature.
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    By Nic no K
    Well written
  • YA struggles a decade into a pandemic

    By kjlc2019
    Wow! Just… wow! So to read this a bit of the way into a pandemic is probably better than reading it at the start of a pandemic. I think that made the read even better though, as it seems something that could actually happen. Our country could definitely dissolve into the state it is in in this series. Ruby is a teenager about to start her life as an adult in the sanitation industry. Not as in she will engineer sewage treatment plants or work on a garbage truck, but that she is part of the team doing the literal dirty work in her tiny settlement of Unmarked citizens. There aren’t too many healthy people left in the world. There is a strong division between the Unmarked, pure, uninfected citizens, and those who are the outcasted Marked individuals. Each sect has banded together. The Unmarked town where Ruby lives is still a functioning society with schooling and a government similar to what we are used to. The Marked is a wild, wild west of sorts, but run by perpetual preteens. The only way to survive the fatal illness is to take hormone suppressants to halt the growth of the children’s bodies. Otherwise you get three years, or less if the disease is accelerated. Can’t really say either life sounds too great. Ruby’s crush plays spin the bottle with their classmates and it lands on her. That kiss thoroughly wrecks her life. Looking forward to the second book to see where Ruby, Wesley, Sam, and all the rest end up. The first book was stuffed full of surprises, and not all of them great for these plucky teens and crumbled societies.
  • Wonderful story

    By Stuckey mom
    This is a fabulous book. I’ve read it multiple times. I thoroughly enjoy the humor and watching the characters learn and grow.
  • Enjoyed

    By twinfamily
    Just started this series, and I am glad I did! Good YA book . Finished this book and have already started on the next.
  • Enjoyed

    By kaybender
    Perfect easy read for the current world we live in.
  • Riveting action and memorable characters

    By writers pencil
    Ruby isn’t your typical heroine. She doesn’t want to lead an army or rule a nation or even to be a beloved benefactress. She really just wants to figure out what to do with her life and to be noticed by her crush Wesley. But when Wesley is Marked—infected with a deadly, incurable virus—her quiet, behind-the-scenes life comes to an end. Thanks to her father’s journals, she knows she is the only person who might be able to save him, along with the rest of the Marked. Problem is, she doesn’t exactly know HOW she’ll be able to do that. But she has to try before anyone else dies. Unfortunately, her attempt at a solo mission is foiled by the impressive and annoying…and caring and handsome…Sam, who is determined to come along and help her. The farther she gets on her quest, the more secrets unravel, until Ruby wonders who she really is and what to do next. With her world upside down, can she focus on finding the cure? This book was full of twists and turns, surprising me several times. And I loved the character development, watching Ruby and Sam grow and change through the process. While there were lighter or more thoughtful moments to balance out the action, this story never dragged. Looking forward to seeing what happens next!