Complications - Danielle Steel


By Danielle Steel

  • Release Date: 2021-08-17
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
Score: 4
From 835 Ratings


NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Scandal and tragedy erupt against the backdrop of an exclusive Paris hotel in Danielle Steel’s riveting novel.

Known for its luxurious accommodations and bespoke service, the Hotel Louis XVI has been the most lauded boutique hotel in all of Paris for decades, attracting an international clientele of the rich and famous. Now, after four years of renovations and the death of its legendary and beloved manager, it is set to reopen its doors at last. An esteemed group of loyal returning guests is set to descend upon the hotel, joined by a number of new faces who have managed to secure coveted bookings in the wake of last-minute cancellations.

Awaiting them all is the Louis XVI’s new manager, Olivier Bateau, an anxious man whose lack of experience leaves him unprepared. He and his level-headed assistant manager, Yvonne Philippe, both strive to continue the hotel’s tradition of excellence. But they quickly realize that anything can happen at any moment, and on one cool September evening, everything does.

A successful art consultant arrives at the hotel for the first time since her brutal divorce, and is surprised to find new love—if she is willing to risk her heart again. A new guest contemplates ending his life, and saves a life instead. A couple finds their once-in-a-lifetime trip interrupted by a tragic medical emergency, leaving the idyllic future they’ve long waited for hanging in the balance. And one of the hotel’s most high-profile guests, a French politician and assumed presidential candidate, holds a mysterious meeting in his suite that will threaten his life and legacy. Rocked by the events of this one fateful night, guests and staff alike brace themselves for the aftershock, as it quickly becomes apparent that more dramas and misfortunes are still in store.

Danielle Steel tells an unforgettable story about a famed hotel, where a few complications quickly escalate into a matter of life and death, changing the lives of everyone who passes through its doors.


  • Life’s a Complication!

    By Gladys CPA
    An example of how life is a rollercoaster. You have to be there for all the ups and downs and enjoy the ride!
  • Complications

    By Lmy2021
    No depth… wanted an easy read, but entirely too predictable and happily ever after.
  • Bland.. not the DS I’m used to.

    By tobyclay
    I have read every single Danielle Steel book since The Promise. This one just did not have any flair to it and it was very predictable.
  • Complications

    By nonie pooh
    I believe DS has a ghost writer. This book was not quite as smooth as her usual writing. Don’t get me wrong it was a good read.
  • A Page Turner

    By akbaird
    Danielle Steele center’s this book around the famous luxury hotel in Paris called Louis XVI. This hotel was closed for renovations for 4 years. By the time they reopened, the head and most respected hotel manager had died, other staff members have retired, so there is a change in staff. When guests start arriving, more complications occur such as the new telephone and internet system fails, a guest has a heart attack, a murder occurs, will the hotel recover from these mishaps or will the complications continue to occur? Can anything good come out of all these complications? This book will have you turning the pages to find out.