The Ahern Brothers Collection - Claudia Burgoa

The Ahern Brothers Collection

By Claudia Burgoa

  • Release Date: 2020-12-16
  • Genre: Romance
Score: 5
From 16 Ratings


Two hot & sexy billionaire brothers. Two different stories. Two unexpected happily ever afters. 

Enjoy this collection of steamy romances now!

Stories included:
Begin with Me
Back to You
Once Upon A Holiday 

PLUS bonus content.

The Ahern Brothers contains one duet and one full-length, standalone romance holiday.


  • Beautiful and Emotional

    By sammyreads
    Begin with Me Begin with me is the first book & was absolute perfection. It was captivating and kept me hooked. Wes and Abby meet when she comes to live with his family as a teenaged foster child. Wes had also been a foster child before the Aherns adopted him when he was five. Wes feels an instant connection to Abby, and a strong desire to help and protect her. They become best friends, and over the years, their feelings grow and develop into much more. Both of them had dealt with dark past. The story was heartbreaking and at the same time heartwarming. It had angst & was emotional, raw and does have some triggers . Back to You Back to you is the emotional conclusion of Wes and Abby’s story . The journey these two take defying the odds and carving their own destiny. My heart broke for both Wes and Abby . It was really emotional and angsty. An absolute perfect conclusion to Wes and Abby’s story. It does have some triggers. Once upon a Holiday Once Upon a Holiday is heartwarming, touching and engaging read. Claudia has seamless interconnected the Spearman’s ( Maybe Later , Then He Happened) and Ahern’s ( Chaotic Love ) in this story though you don’t have to have to read the previous books it’s still nice to get glimpses of characters you have met in previous books. The story captivated my attention from the moment these two interact . Sterling is a broody loner and goes with the flow where as June is a planner .They couldn’t be more opposite of each other but once they meet spark fly though both of them are not looking for commitment. I really enjoyed the banter and chemistry between Sterling and June. Claudia did absolute justice to both Sterling and June characters, there was so much more depth to their characters. I loved everything about the story from the plot to characters it was very engaging. The story was sweet , fun and definitely gave me a hallmark movie feeling. It is a perfect read to get you started in the holiday spirit. This collection is perfect. Specially with the bonus content . A captivating read and I would highly recommend this collection.
  • Better to get them all in one bundle

    By LisanneH
    Wes and Sterling are brothers and Abby is their foster sister. Wes and Abby have a complicated and nuanced relationship tinged with angst and past trauma. Their story takes place over a duet. Sterling gets his own standalone with June (who we met in previous Books). It’s a lighter book and holiday themed. Recommend because being relentlessly practical, it’s better to get all the goodness in one bundle.
  • Fantastic collection!!

    By Laura__F
    This box set was the perfect reason to bump Wes and Abby’s story up my TBR! I read Once Upon a Holiday last year around Christmas and immediately loved Sterling and June. They are complete opposites who just figure out how to make their completely unexpected relationship work. As soon as I was done their story, I added Wes and Abby to my TBR but they got lost in the shuffle. I didn’t even read the blurb for Begin with Me or Back to You and wow, was I surprised by the angst and suspense!! I couldn’t even put their story down, I needed to know what was going to happen so badly. Once again, I’m adding even more books to my TBR so I can meet all of the people who helped Abby in her journey. I can’t wait to dive into more of all of these characters.
  • Fabulous Collection

    By Bibliophile Chloe
    Wow! What an absolutely fabulous collection of stories by Ms. Burgoa! This is the complete series of the Ahern Brothers, Wes and Sterling, and the women they fall for. The first two stories Begin with Me and Back to You is Wes and Abigail's story and it is going to put your feelings through the wringer!  I mean you get the full gamut of emotions.  And the love that these two have for each other is spectacular! Their relationship is something of dreams! The swoons are aplenty and the angst and trauma are so vivid and real.  What a sad and destructive childhood Abigail had and the things that Wes does to make Abigail feel safe. I also enjoyed that even though they loved each other, they knew they both had to work out their issues apart. They both had to learn to love themselves before they could truly love each other. Then we get the steamy hot holiday story of Sterling and Juniper!  Once Upon a Holiday is like a warm cup of cocoa with a kick of spice! It was lovely to read that Sterling gets his redemption and he learns to love himself and the love he has for Juniper is fabulous! This story was too fast and over too soon! I love the artistic soul of Sterling and the controlled chaos of Juniper.  They are truly an opposites attract kind of couple. I love that no matter how much Juniper plans and coordinates her future, nothing ever goes right until Sterling came into her life! These Ahren Brothers are some of the swooniest heroes I have read in a long while! I enjoyed every page!
  • Outstanding Collection

    By Yoli277
    Begin With You Begin With You is the first book in the Chaotic Love Duet and once again Claudia Burgoa has outdone herself and she never ceases to amaze me with her talent. My mind, heart and soul is an absolute mess after reading Begin With You. Begin With You is a raw and twisted dark romance book that will keep you in suspense from the beginning to end. Abby Lyons is one of the most tortured and realistic heroines I've ever read. Ms. Burgoa is very descriptive about the abuse and horrors that Abby suffered as a child at the hands of her mother, step-father and step-brother. My heart broke over and over again and the tears would not stop. After tragedy strikes, Abby was placed with Ahern family who welcomed her with open arms and gave her the love and support she so desperately needed and deserved. This is also where she meets her foster brother, Wes Ahern. Wes truly is a white knight, a savior and the calm to Abby's emotional storm. He would do anything for her. He and Abby have a common past as his drug addict biological mother neglected and abandoned him. They become best friends and over the years both develop deep and unrequited love for each other. Their relationship is beautiful and complicated. As one could imagine, Abby has severe emotional and mental issues. Wes is unaware of the extent of Abby's past and is extremely reluctant to discuss it with him. Therefore, she finds its very difficult to move forward with Wes even though she's madly in love with him and wants to be with him. I loved them so hard and I was rooting for them to be together. Unfortunately, Abby's past comes back to haunt her with a vengeance. The suspense nearly killed me and my heart was pounding so fast I thought it was going to burst out of my chest. Begin With You plot's is phenomenal, it's a definite page-turner and a five plus star read. Back To You Back To You is the outstanding conclusion to the Chaotic Love Duet. I'm a big fan of reading duets, I love it even more when an author knocks it out of the park and completely satisfies me. Claudia Burgoa certainly did that and so much more. This book slayed me!!! Back To You is epic, gut-wrenching, heartbreaking and beautiful all at the same time. Wes and Abby's story continues as Abby embarks on her journey to recovery while Wes suffers which leads to his breakdown. Their story consists of their attempts to heal and come together as one to overcome recent trauma coupled with painful past events. Abby is so admirable, courageous and a survivor. Wes continues to be Abby's white knight as well demonstrating unconditional love and support. I absolutely love the idea of old school romantic gestures and the way Wes wooed Abby captivated my heart. It's unique and Ms. Burgoa thought outside the box with that. Both of them possess such incredible strength and resilience and I was very impressed with their character development. Of course it wouldn't be a Claudia Burgoa book without a high level of angst and sexual tension between the hero and heroine. Let me just say that the slow-burn anticipation leading up to the big moment is well worth the wait. She freaking nailed it!!! I felt a roller coaster of emotions while reading the Chaotic Love Duet and at times, it shattered my heart. However, Ms. Burgoa put my heart back together by giving Wes and Abby the ending they truly deserved. To date, this is one of my favorite duets that I highly recommend. Once Upon A Holiday If you are ready to be filled with the Christmas spirit that includes laughs, love, fun and very steamy sexy times, then Once Upon A Holiday is definitely the book for you!! Sterling Ahern (from the Chaotic Love Duet) and June Spearman (from Maybe Later and Then He Happened) are secondary characters from those books and I was so excited that Ms. Burgoa brought these two together. June reached a point in her life where she knew what she wanted and is determined to get it. Sterling is a successful, brooding artist who kept to himself and had zero plans of settling down and becoming a family man. He also happens to be June’s new landlord and that’s were the fun begins and the sparks fly. I love their flirty and sexy relationship and their chemistry is wickedly HOT! June is full of sass and sweetness and Sterling is a naughty, naughty boy but oh so good at it. It was also nice to revisit the Ahern and Spearman families who provided touching, hysterical and entertaining moments. Once Upon A Holiday is an absolute delight and truly warmed my heart. The epilogue is a pleasant surprise and sweet perfection. I also loved the sweet bonus content at the end of this collection!