Russian Combat Methods in World War II - United States Army

Russian Combat Methods in World War II

By United States Army

  • Release Date: 2020-11-19
  • Genre: Military


“This publication was prepared by a number of German officers after the end of World War II. There were a number of these publications, and…they are all of significant importance in understanding the way in which the war was fought, particularly on the eastern front. This publication looks at the Russian method of waging war, which was not always to use the unsubtle steamroller attack. The pamphlet shows how the Russian was different in outlook to the German soldier, and the role of the Commissar. Each arm is examined in some detail, before the discussion turns to the peculiarities of Russian tactics. Winter warfare was the preferred season for war for the Russians, and the mass attacks of 1941 eventually gave way to much more scientific tank/infantry/air/artillery combined attacks, using the weight of manpower to flatten German defenders where they stood. There is also discussion of the importance of the Red Air Force in the war, and of the partisan movement, which was always a thorn in the German’s side. This publication should be read in conjunction with the Soviet Partisan Movement and Small Unit Actions (both in the German Report Series)”-Print ed.