Beyond Order - Jordan B. Peterson

Beyond Order

By Jordan B. Peterson

  • Release Date: 2021-03-02
  • Genre: Self-Improvement
Score: 4.5
From 205 Ratings


The companion volume to 12 Rules for Life offers further guidance on the perilous path of modern life. 
In 12 Rules for Life, clinical psychologist and celebrated professor at Harvard and the University of Toronto Dr. Jordan B. Peterson helped millions of readers impose order on the chaos of their lives. Now, in this bold sequel, Peterson delivers twelve more lifesaving principles for resisting the exhausting toll that our desire to order the world inevitably takes.
In a time when the human will increasingly imposes itself over every sphere of life—from our social structures to our emotional states—Peterson warns that too much security is dangerous. What’s more, he offers strategies for overcoming the cultural, scientific, and psychological forces causing us to tend toward tyranny, and teaches us how to rely instead on our instinct to find meaning and purpose, even—and especially—when we find ourselves powerless.
While chaos, in excess, threatens us with instability and anxiety, unchecked order can petrify us into submission. Beyond Order provides a call to balance these two fundamental principles of reality itself, and guides us along the straight and narrow path that divides them.



  • Not as great as the first, but still great

    By flugm
    This book gets off to a strong start, picking up right where the first left off. Dr Peterson draws on multiple sources to support his views, including mythology and Christianity, as well as his book maps of meaning and his counseling and psychology, which adds additional credence to his rules for life. These are well worth reading through even if you disagree with them. I felt that the book suffers towards the middle of it, and that some of the rules were bordering on restatement of his previous book (eg, Rules 2 & 7 in book 2 could falll under the umbrella of Rule 4 in book 1), or were poorly discussed (Rule 8 and Rule 12 in Book 2 come to mind as having the weakest supporting discussion). Because of this weakness, its super obvious that book 2 was meant to capitalize on the success of its predecessor, to which Dr Peterson should wildly succeed. Its worth noting that more rules make for a more arduous life, but at least these aren’t compulsory (just highly recommended). Do take the time to explore Dr Peterson’s podcast and/or youtube channel. He has incredibly fascinating insight in humanity which is missing from our culture.
  • Good read but

    By ineedareed
    It didn’t hit me the way the first book did. The first book changed my life and I’ve since become an avid viewer of Dr. Peterson’s n YouTube. Much of the content in this second book of his can be found in his lectures. I enjoyed reading this, but there wasn’t much that was new here for me.
  • This book is even better than the last one!

    By coffeejunkie1980
    This just happened to be exactly what I needed... this book is great for anyone looking to better themselves, but more importantly, how to best deal with the downside to too much order, from learning how to work on your relationships, to finding beauty again in life.
  • Yes, yes and yes.

    By TheDoug007
    This is an amazing book. Was not aware of this guy until I read a sample of the book and bought it. I just finished chpater 6 and find the insights and thoguhts of Peterson very helpful.
  • Dvanajst praznejših pravil

    By Godot2
    Ista dolarska filozofija trgovine kot prva, a nekako še bolj neumna. Tu je težava. Peterson bo podal neko pravilo, napisal približno sto strani velikih besed, medtem ko bo nekako rekel nič, speril in ponovil še enajstkrat. Ne. PONAVLJAM, DA NE TRAŽITE DENARJA NA TEJ GOSPODINJSKO MESO. Če ste kristjan, vam priporočam dela svetega Avguština ali spise Martina Lutherja. O krščanstvu je napisanih na milijone knjig, večino pa jih lahko brezplačno najdete na internetu. Če vas filozofija zanima, preberite dobesedno še kaj drugega. Iskreno, zavitek za sladkarije je bolj zanimiv in razgledan kot Petersonov drek.