Sixty Sexy Sonnets - James Martin

Sixty Sexy Sonnets

By James Martin

  • Release Date: 2020-10-29
  • Genre: Poetry


The Good Lord Jesus Christ did not put Himself above the God of the Universe, Creator of the Heavens and Earth. His great Love for that God, and His Love for Humankind, led Him to die, on the instigation of the Roman Empire, but at the hands of His fellow Jews, on a cross - literally the most painful death imaginable - almost two thousand years ago. But, in His own words, He came to bring division, not peace. The chaff was to be sorted from wheat, the goats from lambs. With these sharp, ironic, and oft-times witty verses, Jamie Shakespeare endeavours to go some way towards healing the schismatic assault on the Church of Jesus Christ by Martin Luther in the Middle Ages, that seemingly perennial divide between Catholic and Protestant, Christian and Jew. In a sense, it is a counter-protest, a protest against a protest. In Black, White, and the Light of "Love's Gray Battlefield"...