The Blue Amulet - Patricia Rae, Sara Kraft & John Thompson

The Blue Amulet

By Patricia Rae, Sara Kraft & John Thompson

  • Release Date: 2020-12-01
  • Genre: Fantasy


It's winter in 1766, and a pregnant Isaboe McKinnon sets off alone on an arduous journey across Scotland. Lorien, the nefarious Fey Queen of Euphoria is her only companion, and she fills Isaboe's head with false and twisted truths, determined to possess her unborn half-fey child.

Believing the Fey Queen's lie that anyone who loves her will die, Isaboe leaves her friend Margaret in a doctor's care in Edinburgh after being seriously injured in a mysterious wolf attack. She also breaks her promise to wait for Connor, the man who loves her and with whom she had hoped to start a new life. But in Isaboe's mind, it is a love not meant for her.  

However, Connor and Margaret do not accept Isaboe's abandonment and follow her on a switch back journey across the Highlands of Scotland in search of her family, but Lorien does her best to throw them off track as she intends to take Isaboe back to Euphoria before the baby is born.

Finding an inner strength to fight for her life and her child's, Isaboe finally stands up to Lorien, but her freedom comes with a cost.

Dusted with fairy magic, The Blue Amulet continues the saga in the Mark of the Faerie series, chronicling a brave woman's struggle to reclaim her life and to keep her family from being torn apart by a manipulative and powerful Fey Queen.