Anxiety - Sakari Lacross


By Sakari Lacross

  • Release Date: 2020-12-13
  • Genre: Poetry
Score: 4
From 122 Ratings


The second poetry collection within the Mental Health series. Filled with poems coming from a more anxious soul, pain is considered to still be there within these poems, but from a lustful standpoint.


We've done this twice already

I should've turned it down the last time

The last time you called me when you got off work

It was half past ten when you asked me to come over

Just like before

I don't want to go away

You opened up your secret door

And now I'm really tryna stay

It's kind of lame on my part

Because I should have made a choice with you

Either have you as a close friend

Or an even closer lover

We spend most of our days texting each other anyway

We have the signs of a relationship

We walk around the mall holding hands

But I turn my head when you lean in for a kiss

We've been on plenty of dates together

Even though I try to avoid any conversation

That may lead to definition of our status

So yes,

We're stuck in the middle because of me

And just when I'm about to make a decision

I see you undressing…


  • Anxiety

    By kaaydiin
    I loved this! Deep thoughts! đź’•