Rich As F*ck - Amanda Frances

Rich As F*ck

By Amanda Frances

  • Release Date: 2020-12-18
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Score: 4.5
From 109 Ratings



For too long, the subject of money has been shrouded in fear, secrecy, and anxiety. It's time to look behind the curtain at money, while stepping into the empowered financial reality that is available to you. Reading Rich As F*ck is sure to ignite an avalanche of change in the most important areas of your life. Once you finally see money for what it is and realize your power over your finances, life will never be the same. It's time you know the truth about money. It's time for you to have more money than you know what to do with. This is your blueprint.

Whether you experience debilitating anxiety when thinking about your bills, are buried by debt, feel guilty for wanting more than you have, are stuck in a feast-or-famine cycle, if money has always been the problem for you and never a solution, or if you are simply seeking the next steps on your path of financial growth, this revolutionary book holds your answers. In Rich As F*ck, Amanda Frances demystifies the topic of money, cracking the code of financial liberation and abundance. Her magnetic words will open your heart and mind and help you see the truth about how money actually works.


  • A Real Treasure!

    By Sharys16
    This book contains so many wild but true ideas about money that it will blow your mind and will push the reset button on your money mentality!
  • Great

    By catagonza
    I love it. Thanks for this amazing book.
  • Love

    By EJB310
    Love love love. Thank you, Amanda. You are the queen

    By Mandylovespink
    Within a week of staring this book I got a promotion and a raise. This book completely changed the way I view money and my relationship with money. You will come out of the other side viewing life so differently but in a way where you feel ready for all the unlimited possibilities to come your way that you never realized before. READ THIS BOOK NOW!!!
  • Incredible mindset shift!

    By Kar Evans
    I’ve been following Amanda for a few years now. I find her such a big inspiration not only for her incredible success but also for being so relatable in the way she talks and the way she’s not afraid of being bold. Her mind is one of gold - one that has opened up to all the infinite possibilities available to all of us... but that not everyone understands or even realizes they exist. This book is like a door that opens up to let you get a glimpse of those infinite possibilities that Amanda keeps mastering and (thank God) keeps teaching and putting out there for all of us. An easy and yet deep and throughout read that simply shifts our (sometimes) stubborn mindset about money and reminds us that we are worthy of the best, and that all starts in our heads with our beliefs, our feelings, our decisions. Bravo Amanda! Incredible work! I’m on chapter 9 and don’t want it to end. I look forward to finishing this book, to read your next book (I hope you write more!) and to continue following your teachings about money, life and the power of our minds. Much love, deep admiration and infinite gratitude. Karla Evans
  • Konmarie your bank account

    By WiSeKiD
    If you are familiar with Marie Kondo’s work around the art of tidying up your home and life, you will feel a sense of familiarity with Amanda’s ideas around money. It feels like an extension of her ideas about how everything around us has energy including our money and that we should surround ourselves with positive thoughts as to how we want money to support our lives.
  • The title is spot on and a great teaser to the book.

    By F This..
    Rich as F*ck has done wonders for my life. Not have I applied the methods to my financial endeavors, but they have greatly helped in every other aspect of my life as well. This book has taught me to change my mindset with everything. ANYTHING YOU WANT IS POSSIBLE—all that needs to be shifted is your mindset and your feelings about it. My heart chakra gets so full every time I read. There was so much love and knowledge put into this book. 10/10 would recommend. ☺️
  • More than I was expecting

    By K Whisperer
    I read the whole book while I traveled today. I have followed Amanda for a year. I wondered if it would be repetitive. It wasn’t. Thank you for unpacking all the feels around money!! Please write more !!