Casanova's Lovers - Giacomo Casanova

Casanova's Lovers

By Giacomo Casanova

  • Release Date: 2020-12-19
  • Genre: Romance


Romance stories featuring Giacomo Casanova - the greatest womanizer in the world.
In his old days, Casanova stopped chasing women and started writing his memoirs instead. He "summed up" his first 48 years on 3600 pages.
It took me 122 hours to read his Memoirs. Occasionally he spent too much time on "unimportant" descriptions. Important ones are of course his affairs with women.  I've spent another 116 hours editing his stories.
I occasionally told my wife about his affairs and the result was always the same - sex.
I wanted to share these stories with others. My wife didn't let me read the "interesting" excerpts to her lady friends so I decided to collect them in this book.
Please start reading this book. Read out aloud - preferably in your bed with your loved one next to you.

This is an edited version of Casanova's memoirs which contains his numerous affairs with women.
- It is edited to exclude long descriptions of events that are not related to Casanova's love affairs.
- The book focuses only on the romantic parts of the memoirs and is annotated to provide context and natural flow of the stories when long explanations are removed.