The Fairy - Anne Frank

The Fairy

By Anne Frank

  • Release Date: 2020-12-27
  • Genre: Fairy Tales, Myths & Fables


The fairy I'm talking about was no ordinary fairy like so many in fairyland. Oh no, my fairy was a very special fairy, extraordinary in her appearance and extraordinary in her demeanor. Why, everyone will now ask, was this fairy so special? Well, because it did not help a little here and bring a little joy there, but because it had made it her business to make the world and people happy. That particular fairy was called Ellen. ---- To the book ---- On May 9, 1944, Anne Frank wrote in her diary: »The story 'Ellen, die Fee' is finished. The copy was intended as a birthday present for her father on May 12th. For the first time, Anne Frank's "Ellen, Die Fee" is illustrated by the designer Andre Martin and published as an eBook with the permission of the Anne Frank Fond, Basel. These are the original texts that Anne Frank wrote for her father Otto Frank. These texts were translated from Dutch by Mirjam Pressler. Translated to English by Andre Martin. Copyright © 1949, 1960 Otto Frank Copyright © 1982, 2003, 2013 Anne Frank Fund, Basel Copyright © 2021 Design / AM Andre Martin GmbH All rights reserved, also in part.