Honey Grove Volume One - Anne-Marie Meyer

Honey Grove Volume One

By Anne-Marie Meyer

  • Release Date: 2021-01-12
  • Genre: Romance


The First Three Books of the Braxton Brother's Series

♥ Coming Home to Honey Grove

Joshua is back in Honey Grove. As a divorced, single dad, he's decided that love is the last thing he needs. 

Beth is back in Honey Grove after losing her job and getting dumped. 

When Josh's mother, the town's busy body, arranges for Beth to be his nanny, Josh decides to go along with the plan. 

Even though Beth is no longer the lanky girl next door, Josh isn't looking for a relationship anyway. He can keep her at a distance. Right?

Everything seems to be working out until their relationship deepens and their arrangement isn't enough anymore. 

Too bad her feelings for Josh isn't Beth's only secret. 

♥ Friendship Blooms in Honey Grove

Jonathan is back home in Honey Grove. He's ready to forget the stresses of his job and the fact that everyone around him is finding love, except him.
Tiffany can't seem to hold onto any relationship. Thankfully, Jonathan is the only constant guy in her life and someone she never has to worry about losing.
Now dateless for her cousin's wedding, it only makes sense to go with someone safe—Jonathan.
A fake relationship between the two of them started out as a way to keep themselves protected…until the feelings between them begin to feel real.

♥ Escaping to Honey Grove

James is broken and running from a past he can't face. He's fine living his solitary life, away from anyone who he could hurt. Love was the last thing he deserved.
Layla is finished with her no good, ex-fiancé. Just when she thought she'd rid him from her life, James shows up claiming that she's in danger and must come with him.
Confused and hurt, Layla discovers that her world is destroyed. Despite warning bells, she agrees to travel with James down to his hometown of Honey Grove.
Determined to keep himself closed off, James tries to fight his feelings for Layla. But she's sweet and gentle and just the thing that's been missing in his life.
If he could only find a way to forgive himself from his past mistakes, he'd love her like she deserves.

Dive into this sweet, family saga series where the bonds are close and the romances are swoon worthy. 

The Braxton Brothers are Home