Until Next Time - Claudia Burgoa

Until Next Time

By Claudia Burgoa

  • Release Date: 2022-02-01
  • Genre: Romantic Comedies
Score: 4
From 60 Ratings


USA Today Bestselling author Claudia Burgoa brings you a romantic comedy filled with loss, hope, and new chances.<br>
<b>What if the person you try to save is the one who saves your heart?</b><br>
It’s official. I’m totally hopeless at love, parenting and life.<br>
Single mom? Check.<br>
Massive debt? Check.<br>
A sassy daughter who inherited my gift of snark?<br>
Ugh. Check.<br>
I work three jobs, go to school, and do my best to be in my kid’s life. Men are the last thing on my mind. I wouldn’t have time to look at a man even if he fell into my lap.<br>
Until he does. Thanks to my spawn who keeps calling some famous relationship expert, airing my disastrous life in her podcast.<br>
That’s when Zach, my brother’s best friend in high school appears. I used to have a major crush on him, but I figured he forgot about me.<br>
Zach who tragically lost his wife some time ago, and now, he’s looking to save everyone—including me.<br>
A super hot fling with my old flame, with a broken man?<br>
Double check.<br>
Until Next Time is a romantic comedy featuring a secret billionaire looking for the one that got away. This chick-lit tale of a single mom searching for her happy ending is fun, sexy, and oh-so swoonful. A brand-new romance novel by USA TODAY Bestselling Author Claudia Burgoa.<br>


  • Amazingly good!

    By 95one
    OMG! I loved this rom-com book of friends to lovers—this is a MUST READ! UNTIL NEXT TIME is book 1 of the St. James Family Series. Some loves are meant to be. Others are by fate. Get ready for the second type in this rom-com about—a billionaire, an upbeat single mother, and a daughter who steals the show. It was an amazing read! This is an unputdownable, fun, flirty, enjoyable, and delightful slow burn story with smart writing and humorous dialogue. I laughed out loud more times than I could count—the witty banter between Zachary (Zach) St. James and Autumn Wickerton are amusing to watch. Autumn once had it all until her husband died in an accident, now her one main priority in her life—raising her six-year old daughter, Matilda, who acts sometimes like a thirty-something-year-old. Being a single mother, Autumn will do whatever needs to be done (works three jobs and goes to school) to support her and her precocious and beautiful six-year old daughter, but Matilda knows how to wrap people around her little finger. I love Autumn—she was entertaining and loved her outgoing spirit. Zach owns the chains of Cafe Fusion. Zach is an enigma of a man who is a billionaire, very handsome, sexy, piously virtuous, and a widower. He was best friends with Autumn’s brother, Aiden, in high school, and when Zach heard a podcast by Persy Brassard, his sister-in-law, he wanted to help Autumn. Zach runs into Autumn and they have a chance to unspool from their past adversities. Autumn once had it all until her husband died in an accident, now her one main priority in her life—raising her six-year old daughter, Matilda, who acts sometimes like a thirty-something-year-old. Zach and Autumn’s unexpected attraction for each other is so intense, but the chemistry like the one they have can only be denied for so long. Their chemistry leaps off the page. Their battle of wits is tremendously fun—acerbic and sexy and filled with tension. Everything about Zach and Autumn seemed too good to be true, but none of that mattered until a situation turns Autumn’s idyllic life upside down. What will Autumn do now? Find out what happened—what a conundrum! If FUN is what you are after, look no further—read UNTIL NEXT TIME. Their journey is intoxicatingly quirky, perfectly paced, and all around fun. This is a book I can reread over and over again. Claudia Burgoa brings this poignant story of friendship, heartache, loss, forgiveness, love, and also satisfies hearts longing for laughter in their love stories.
  • Beautiful

    By sammyreads
    A beautifully written unputdownable second chance slow burn romance with heartfelt emotions, laughter along with heartache. Both Zach and Autumn have lost their spouses and get their second chance with each other. No one can write a beautiful and heartwarming story like Claudia . Definitely a must read!
  • A spin on sleepless in Seattle

    By LisanneH
    Though the book starts with Zach’s loss of his wife, that’s not where it stays. Fast forward two years, Zach is in Seattle to expand his chain. At the heart of this book is family, found and by blood. We get a number of clans we know and get to see a bit more of. Pressy is Zach’s sister in law. She is giving advice to Matilda, Autumn’s daughter. Autumn has her plate overflowing. I really liked Zach. Not a player (awesome) trying to save folks. Trying to save Autumn. I liked them together, messy and funny and sweet. Recommend.
  • So Sweet and Heartwarming

    By Yoli277
    What happens when a seven year old precocious matchmaker tries to set her mom up with a heart broken widow? You get a heartwarming, hilarious single mom and second chance at love romance with all the feels and charm. Once I started reading Until Next Time (Against All Odds: The St. James Family #1), I fell completely and madly in love with it! And it has a Sleepless In Seattle vibe….YES PLEASE! Zach St. James and Autumn Wickerton are good souls and after everything they’ve been through, they deserve good things in life. Their journey is a wonderful blend of emotions, swoon worthy moments and passion. The emotional and sexual chemistry between them is on point. And their banter is flirtatious and snarky. Couple that with Autumn’s ever so sassy daughter, Matilda (I was in stitches laughing at her antics) and it’s absolute perfection. Claudia Burgoa is one of my favorite go to authors for romantic comedies and she definitely came through with this book. The secondary characters including the Brassard and St. James’ families are an excellent contribution as they bring great depth to the storyline. It’s also a good introduction as to what’s to come for The St. James family and I’m definitely looking forward to that. Until Next Time can be read a stand-alone and you don’t want to miss out on this swoon worthy and touching read.
  • So good!!

    By Laura__F
    This new series is definitely going to be a favorite!!! THE ANGST! OMG at times I thought I wouldn't be able to make it through but I powered through the tears. Matilda is such a bright light in this story. She's funny and witty and wise beyond her years. Zach and Autumn went through so much to get to their HEA. I haven't thought two characters really deserved the happiness and love they found with each other. I am so excited for more of this series!!
  • Time

    By Slimleak
    Zach st James and Autumn Wickerton spouses have died and they just live life by them self’s.They have good souls and deserve good things to happen to them. Autumn daughter Matilda wanted a new dad and some one for her mom. Matilda act sassy like she 35 no turning 7. Autumn spits her time between a job going to college and her daughter so when does she have time for a man .They meet and seem to match but time was a issue went volunteer to babysit in hope to see you later. There is such emotion in this story. You find Brassard family in the story some healing there. Zach tries to help Autumn with Matilda in see what see likes and getting her place. This was a cute Story
  • Wonderful story

    By mamagalindo
    This book kicks off the a new series Against All Odds - The St. James family. This is a wonderful story that is filled with hope, perseverance, determination and love. Claudia writes so much emotion and depth into her characters. Autumn is a single mom who is doing her best - working multiple jobs, going to school and be the best mom she can. She is caring some major baggage, guilt and is a bit broken. Matilda is her 7 yo daughter but is wise beyond her years…she steals the show! Zach is not in a good place, dealing with guilt, pain and loss. He’s going through the motions and helping others around him, but is not taking the time to heal and care for himself. There is an amazing cast of characters in the book that are so loving and supportive. I cannot wait to see what’s in store for the other characters in this series. I requested an arc and I’m leaving my honest review.