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  • Christian’s side

    By Regina Rollins
    I really enjoyed reading the trilogy again. I was not sure when I started it, but it really was great to read from the other view point. Thank you
  • Beautiful fiction stories. I loved it.

    By yougottabefingme!
    Amazingly well written. Cried and laughed all over again. I would love to believe all men are/think like that.
  • Great read

    By Joan.Jean
    I found Christian's point of view wonderful. Letting go of his pain filled past & the mistrust he felt for his own family was inspiring. It was precious seeing his attitude change towards his family & watching his deep commitment to all those he held near & dear. I loved how he loved Ana & how he learned to trust her & encourage her own dreams. The greatest gift one can give another is to love them unconditionally. It's a priceless & cherished treasure that puts a smile in your heart. Well done
  • Je veux ce livre en français

    By Judd Nayou
    Je veux ce livre en français
  • POV

    By Marychin
    This series from Christian’s POV adds to the story.
  • Freed via Christian

    By TLB ;-)
    I enjoy having both perspectives now ~ and the insights, each, brings to the stories. I’m a loyal fan ~ who has learned a lot about ~ dealing with difficult men ~ via 50 Shades. Thanks, truly, E.L.~I’d love to meet you someday. *PS* I also love the movies.
  • OMGOSH Exceptional 💯😍🔥

    By GoDawgsAlways!
    I absolutely love this series!!! Christian’s point of view it is incredible way more engaging and intriguing I literally could not tear myself away from listening to the audio book series of it! Much better narrater than FSOG!!! Highly recommend! A lot more information revealed than previously in the FSOG series.
  • Loved his POV

    By Chelled75
    I really enjoyed this version of the story. I like finding out what Christian was thinking or doing when Ana wasn’t around! It really added to the story to complete it.
  • Freed

    By Aly_bear2203
    I love this whole series. Definitely recommend to romance novel lovers
  • All of the Fifty Shades books are exceptional

    By Rdhkaren
    Nothing to change in any of the series