ADHD 101: Parents Edition - Sandy Pace

ADHD 101: Parents Edition

By Sandy Pace

  • Release Date: 2021-04-05
  • Genre: Parenting


ADHD101 Parents Edition is about empowering parents to understand sensitive topics like medication and rights versus responsibility. Through taking a compassionate non-sugar coating approach with parents to acknowledge their problematic attitudes & behavior regarding this sensitive issue.

I intend to assist parents in developing a more realistic approach to their child's diagnosis by giving them the tools to acknowledge their unhelpful thoughts, actions, and problematic beliefs. With easy-to-learn psychological techniques designed to empower parents through empathy and critical thinking.

So parents can confidently answer the following question about their child's well-being empowering parents to start healthy conversations like in the following examples below.

What do I do next after my child's diagnosed with ADHD?

What are your (good and bad) opinions on ADHD, ADHD medications, and social media?

Where can I get reliable information on ADHD, and why is this an important step?

How do you react to medical professionals' recommendations, and how do your distortions and self-talk play into your answer?

How can parents balance parental rights without infringing on their child's rights?